Treating Them All Like Stars: Working With Outsourced Teams



One of the most important areas of building up a business is working with the right people. Whether you’re trying to market your company to the right clients or looking to improve processes, help comes in many different forms. For many businesses out there, small or large, outsourced components are the helping hand that makes the difference between success and failure. But as outsourcing can save you a considerable amount of money, what do you need to consider to work with outsourced employees effectively?


Highlight the Potential for Long-Term Collaboration

If you are working with a company such as that provides managed IT services, it’s so easy to take their services and not giving anything in return. When we work with outsourced workers, whether they are in-house or not, we need to ensure the relationship is symbiotic. When you’re working with teams in-house and a project is coming to an end, they won’t work as well. This is where we have to provide long-term opportunities. You can do this by showing them the potential for long-term work, or you could increase their pay. When we are working with outsourced clients or employees we need to remember that motivation is very important. If an employee or a client is motivated, they will remain engaged with the entire process.



It’s obvious, but when you are working with any team and they are off-site or remote, they may not feel like part of your business as your permanent employees. This is why you have to communicate consistently. Right now, working with remote employees across the board makes it easier to treat everybody the same, but this is a lesson we all need to learn in order to make everybody feel like they are on the same page. There are certain things you can do to help improve the relationships between you and your team, and it all stems from you. Learn something about everyone and talk to them on an individual level, but you can also try a team-building event. You can get some inspiration on for team building events, as this will break down the barriers.


Go Back to Your Core Values

If you market your company as an all-inclusive entity, you’ve got to practice what you preach. When you work with outsourced employees or clients it’s crucial to treat them exactly the same as you would your in-house team. This means that you’ve got to be flexible. When you try to keep people engaged in the work, you’ve got to remember outsourced employees are freelancers. Whenever you are working with an outsourced person they need the same type of flexibility as your permanent employees. Consider their personal situations, like if they celebrate the Chinese new year or Ramadan. And while outsourced workers don’t usually get paid for the days they don’t work, if they need time off, it would be unfair for you to deny them this.


Ensuring you work well with outsourced employees and clients is a tricky balance. You need to make sure that you don’t cause consternation in the ranks but you need to make sure that outsourced components are motivated.