Two of the Smartphones to expect in the first half of 2018


January has come to an end and it’s a reflection that it’s almost the season for new smartphone announcements. The Mobile World Congress takes place later in February and this is where most smartphone makers launch their flagship smartphones. As confirmed by the South Korean company, we expect Samsung to introduce the Galaxy S9 with better graphics and compatible with arcade and casino games online. We are also looking forward to seeing a few devices even after the MWC. There are newcomers to the smartphone market this year too. So far we know about one which is the Hydrogen One from professional camera company RED. But in this article, we are only going to talk about the ones we already know and are expecting to show up in the first half of the year.


Samsung is going to reveal the new Galaxy S9 smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on the 25th of February. A few rumours so far suggest that in terms of designs it will be very similar to Galaxy S8. On the invitation poster for the event, Samsung got us to expect a big change in camera. A leaked image of the Galaxy S9’s retail box showed a camera with a new super speed dual pixel feature. This could mean that Galaxy S9’s camera will be able to focus faster than the Galaxy S8 which happens to be fastest focus smartphone ever. For real money online casino game players, this means better and higher quality games. Learn more by visiting


LG is expected to launch the successor to its G6 phone a short time after the MWC, with some speculating a March or April release date. LG’s upcoming flagship phone suggests that it will be different to the G6 in a big way. G7 is said to run on Qualcomm’s latest and most powerful chip offering in 2018, the Snapdragon 845, this is according to “The Investor”. This means unlike LG’s last flagship smartphone, the G7 is likely to match or even outclass its smartphone rivals.