Understanding Dry Van Trucking for Chemical Transport


Hauling chemicals that have the power to be dangerous in an accident or spill takes planning and investment. If you have found that the stresses of investing in a tanker are cutting into your bottom line because you’re not always able to sell a full shipment, you can change up your shipping practices to lower your expenses.


Hauling Caustic and Hazardous Product


You don’t have to use a chemical truck or tank vehicle to haul hazardous products, but you will need an effective containment vessel to strap down inside a dry van. You’ll also need to check rules in your state regarding

  • driver certifications
  • driver and vehicle insurance
  • signage on the trailer


If you regularly lose money transporting liquids because tanker trucks are both hard to locate and expensive to rent, finding a dry van shipper or investing in your own dry van trailer can help.


Dry Vans Offer Flexibility


By accessing one of the many dry van trailers for sale and investing in smaller containers for safe transport of your chemicals, your shipping options will completely open up.


As noted by the experts at Hale Trailer, if you’re looking to transport your own chemical blends in batches smaller than will fill a standard tanker, having a dry van trailer at your disposal can make expanding your reach much simpler. Tankers are rare and a partial load may be so expensive that your production run may not be worth the money.


Schedules Will Be Easier to Manage


Depending on what you’re shipping, the product may need

  • limited containment time
  • specific temperatures for safe transport
  • support against jarring and tipping


If you choose to purchase your own dry van or reefer truck if your products need to stay within a particular temperature range to maintain safety and efficacy, getting your own truck may be particularly helpful.


It’s very likely that your industry and the industries your products serve have tight timelines. If you’ve had a sale fall through or lost a customer because the shipment couldn’t be managed within the time needed, you know what an ineffective shipping decision can cost you.


With your own trailer, you can more easily manage shipping dates, times, and temperatures. This ability to control what’s going out and when could make you the supplier to turn to on the really important deliveries.


Manage Inspections and Expectations


You can also easily manage your rig inspections while staying on top of customer expectations. If you need a shipment to go out early in the day to avoid heat build-up, having your own trailer that you can load and secure the night before could increase the safety of your driver, trailer and others on the road.


You can get your trailer checked out and serviced at regular intervals to maintain the highest safety possible. With your own rig, you have control of your reputation and your product delivery schedule.