Understanding the Key Benefits of Automation to Your Marketing Campaigns


Marketing automation is the next, hottest buzzword in today’s market. Automation tools are being added to different marketing tools already available on the market, while new instruments and tools have automation built into them in a more native way.

In reality, however, automation is more than just a buzzword in marketing. Automation enables marketers and business owners to accomplish more with the limited resources that they have. The ways automation works for different marketing instruments are equally interesting.

Before we can go deep into automation and how the approach is helping marketers achieve more, it is necessary to take a closer look at the benefits that marketing automation brings to the table. Here are the key benefits of automation to your marketing campaigns.

More Efficient Marketing Operations

Take a closer look at the way marketing campaigns work and you will notice how there are some repetitive tasks in every campaign. Tasks such as tracking whether emails are delivered and opened, and then updating the mailing list to keep it effective, require a lot of manual work.

Automation optimizes these tasks and turns them into fully automated processes. Rather than going through email addresses and responses manually, marketers can now rely on marketing automation software to simplify everything.

The result is a more efficient marketing operation. You are no longer bogged down by mundane tasks that require a lot of time and resources. Instead, you can focus the resources you have on other, more important tasks, such as understanding your audience better.

Contextual Marketing

Automation is also very useful in answering today’s marketing challenges. Potential customers and the audience in general are more sensitive to the information they receive due to the flood of such information we have today. They are more selective than ever too.

This is where delivering contextual message – messages that are not only relevant, but also delivered at the right moments – comes in handy. You can capture the audience’s attention from the start by delivering key messages that are specifically personalized for them.

Contextual marketing will be too difficult to handle manually, which is why automation is the way forward. By defining metrics to track and triggers to monitor, it is possible to customize everything about your marketing campaign based on the audience you want to reach.

Better Control Over Your Sales Funnel

Marketing automation also brings an important asset, which is better insights. Through marketing automation, you can now understand potential customers based on where they are in the purchase decision making process. Combined with an integrated marketing campaign, the result is profound nonetheless.

For example, you can automate the use of social media marketing and web content to capture the attention of customers who do not know about your brand or your products. Once they are familiar with the brand and are interested with your products, you can use email marketing and a strong call to action to convert them into leads.

The rest of the sales funnel can be fully automated too, all the way to delivering a pleasant aftersales experience using surveys and social media monitoring. The more parts of the integrated marketing campaign you can automate, the higher your return on investment or ROI will be. That actually brings us to our next benefit, which is….

Higher ROI

Marketing automation also brings two benefits that affect your bottom line. For starters, it helps reduce your marketing costs by optimizing how you approach marketing as a whole. The previous examples showed how automating certain tasks means you can focus more on other parts of the marketing campaign.

At the same time, marketing automation also boosts the impact of your marketing campaigns. This is done through contextual marketing and faster delivery. You can even use automation to make your entire marketing strategy more responsive to market changes and customer demands.

Higher ROI is the immediate result of these benefits. As your marketing costs go down and resources are used more optimally, you see higher impacts being produced and a higher ROI as the result of an effective marketing campaign. This benefit alone makes marketing automation worth investing in.

Low Investment

Speaking of investments, marketing automation is also more accessible than ever. Top tools such as the email marketing platform by SendinBlue now have automation tools already built-in. You don’t have to pay more to access automation tools such as the ability to define custom workflows and metrics tracking.

This last benefit means there is no reason why you should not integrate marketing automation into your existing marketing campaigns. In fact, you can take it a step further and adjust your marketing strategy to account for automation. Whether you are trying to reach more users with your social media marketing, deliver a personalized aftersales experience with the help of email marketing, or you simply want to boost the effectiveness of your programmatic ads, marketing automation is the tool you need.