Upgrade Your Garage Walls with New Finishes or Décor


For today’s homeowner, the garage is more than just a place to park the car, store the lawnmower, and act as an overflow room for things that don’t fit in the house. From working on home projects to hanging out listening to a ball game on the radio, the garage is an important part of any home. 

Most garages, however, are unorganized and appear dull. Below are some ideas for how to liven things up a bit and make the garage an enjoyable place to spend time.

Install Shelving

Most people can relate to the frustration of walking into the garage to look for something only to see a disorganized mess. What should have been a small project that only takes a few minutes turns into spending an hour or more digging through the piles. 

Installing shelving on the walls of the garage is a simple solution for this common problem. Homeowners can purchase a kit at a hardware store with pegboard backing and hooks to keep the shelves in place. Once installed, the shelves can hold items that take up a lot of space on the floor such as gas cans, recycle bins, and coolers.

Redecorate the Walls

Freshening up the look of a garage can be as simple as painting the walls. While white seems to be the standard paint color, homeowners can choose any color of paint they like. Some choose to paint garage walls the same color as the house while others let their creative sides go wild. 

Other options for garage walls include wood paneling, metal paneling, and plastic and fiberglass. Homeowners who feel stuck on what to choose should be able to find inspiration from home improvement websites or magazines.

Themed Artwork

What garage wouldn’t look great with a Harley Davidson clock, Route 66 poster, or statute of an American Eagle? These are just some of the popular themes among homeowners for decorating their garages. 

Taking the time to decorate the garage transforms it from a boring storage space to a desirable place to hang out. From decorating the garage like an old auto repair shop to something more like a she shed, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Consider a Customized Cabinet System

Although shelving helps to organize a garage and get things up off the floor, some people need more space than that. This is where a cabinet system with plenty of storage space comes into play. Working with a company to customize a cabinet system can be especially useful.

Not only will this ensure the homeowner has enough storage space, he or she can match color and décor with the rest of the garage.

Add Insulation to Make the Garage More Comfortable

Since the garage doesn’t share a heating and cooling system with the house, it can quickly become too warm or too cool. That can defeat the purpose of organizing and decorating the garage because homeowners won’t feel comfortable spending more than a few minutes there. Insulating the garage to retain heat or cool air depending on the season corrects this problem.

Not everyone is fortunate to have a large garage, but everyone can enjoy the space they do have by implementing one or more of these suggestions.