Upgrade Your Warehouse with Vertical Storage Systems


Business owners in a range of industries are turning to automation to get ahead of their competition. There are all kinds of new tech on the market that make operations quicker and more efficient. If your company is looking to upgrade the warehouse and add automated systems that improve productivity and maximise storage density, vertical storage systems are exactly the tech you need. See why so many businesses are choosing vertical storage systems in their warehouse.

Maximise the Use of Floor Space – As you have already gathered, vertical storage systems are designed like tower blocks, which means they do not take up a lot of space when they are installed in the warehouse. Vertical carousels at https://www.ssi-schaefer.com/en-th/best-practices-trends/trends/vertical-storage-system-658392 allow you to recover over 85% of your currently used floor space. All of the storage carousels and trays can be efficiently stored and customised to ensure they create space in the warehouse. By building the storage system vertically, rather than horizontally, you gain lots of extra space.

More Efficient Operations – One of the main reasons why so many business owners in a wide array of competitive global industries choose vertical storage systems is to improve efficiency across the board. These systems allow you to streamline your operations and greatly improve warehouse tasks. With modern ASRS systems (automated storage and retrieval systems) staff no longer have to waste time looking for products around the warehouse. They simply click a button and the item is conveniently sent to their location. Although there are many ways to boost efficiency in the workplace, automation is by far the best option.

Protection of Goods – Another huge advantage of fitting a vertical storage system in your warehouse is to improve product safety. These machines can be programmed to only allow certain people to use them. Each vertical carousel can be encrypted, so authorised operators are the only members of staff who can use the machine. In addition, every operator of the vertical storage system is tracked and recorded once they sign in. This makes tracking movement of inventory easy; businesses also know who was logged in if anything is unaccounted for. The fully enclosed vertical storage units are designed to be customised to protect any good against theft of damage while in the warehouse.

Operator Safety – When you install a vertical storage system in your warehouse, you eliminate the need for manual handling. They are designed with operator safety and ergonomics in mind. A vertical carousel system brings items to the operator, which means they no longer have to climb or stretch to reach products. The machine support workers by transporting and lifting objects, this reduces the risk of injury and improves workplace ergonomics.

Vertical storage systems can dramatically transform your warehouse making it more efficient and safer for all. They are customisable in a range of configurations, so they are easily programmed to meet the demands of the client. They offer improved product safety and they maximise the use of storage space because of their intelligent design.