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The Cheesy Experience Officer

Claudia Lucero is the owner and CEO (Cheesy Experience Officer) of Urbancheesecraft.com

Tell Us About Your Business

Claudia Lucero, a self-taught cheesemaker, has been in business since 2009.  After discovering her talent for cheese-making Claudia decided to share her knowledge and teach others how to make cheese in their own kitchens!  She does this through classes, do-it-yourself kits, and her book “One Hour Cheese”  which you can find on the urbancheesecraft.com site.

Claudia works with one full-time employee and  a bookkeeper, as well as a co-packing company in order to get her cheeses ready and distributed in the proper manner.

What Makes Your Company A Leader?

Claudia began her business when the DIY (Do It Yourself) revolution for home made foods like beer, jam, pickles, and others were just beginning their resurgence. Claudia’s cheese making kit success was a product of the right product, being brought out at the right place, at the right time.  She had 3 years and a many thousand good reviews as a head start over other companies.

What Contributions Have You Made/ Willing to Make Towards the World?

“I would love to teach less fortunate people here in the U.S. and abroad how simple and economical it can be to make a simple cheese like paneer (originally an Indian cheese) that can serve as a main course and satisfying protein source. I also make donations yearly to a variety of organizations here in the U.S. I give to farms, after school children’s programs and independent media organizations primarily. Access to good food and knowledge as well as our future through kids are my focuses. ”

Who Has Influenced You?

“My maternal grandmother and mother have both had to be very resourceful out of necessity so I learned from a very young age how to make a lot out of very little. I enjoyed making Mexican dishes from scratch with my grandmother and I inherited the love of all sorts of crafts from my mom.”

-Claudia Lucero

As she was the oldest of 10 grandchildren Claudia, found herself in the teacher position to which she attributes her confidence in that area.

What Key Qualities Do You Look For In Your Team?

Honesty. Reliability. Attention to Detail.  Coupled with adaptability in the dynamic and creative kitchen workplace. These are the main qualities Claudia seeks in members of her team.

Words of Advice for Others Growing Their Business

“Jump in even if it’s in a small way! If you have to juggle a job and your project for a while, it will be worth it soon enough. But also, know when to cut your losses or make big changes if needed. Be brave enough to move on to another idea if that’s what seems necessary – be committed not attached. The path to the “right” project for you is not always super direct. I studied to be a social worker! Never did I imagine while I lived in tiny apartments growing up that I would become a cheese-maker. Be open and observe yourself. What skill is so innate in you that you can’t help but apply it to whatever you’re doing?”

– Claudia Lucero




Edited By: Dennis Guerrero, PR Agent