Want to Grow Your Business? Avoid These 4 Common Scaling Mistakes


You probably have achieved great success with your recent start-up company. You’ve even gone ahead and secured funding that will cater to your short-term future needs. Now, you are confident that the next step in your company’s success is scaling up. While this may be a great idea, you must take a step back and figure out the common mistakes affecting start-ups so that you don’t end up failing before attaining the success you desire.

This guide explores some of the mistakes you need to take into account.

Failure to Pay Attention to Performance

As you are looking to scale your business, it’s best that you take into account the important aspects of performance. These are some of the things that tell you about a company’s performance on a day-to-day basis and long-term. The key metrics you shouldn’t overlook include profit and loss accounts, cash flow, turnover, and client numbers.

Using these metrics, you can easily establish whether you are working towards your business’s ultimate goal, or there is a need to change your strategy.

Get Your Finances Right

As a business owner, you need to understand that your needs will also see a significant transformation as you scale. Whether this will be in terms of advance bookkeeping, a loan, or a bigger line of credit, you’ve got to be prepared for how your business will transform. One way to achieve this is by hiring an experienced Foley Giolitto CPA tax professional to handle the more complex reporting and tax structures.

When it comes to payroll, you should consider a PEO (professional employer organization) that can help you automate your worker’s comp reporting, healthcare enrollment, and payroll.

Avoid Accumulating Debt

Getting in debt, specifically borrowing loans, is a strategic way to grow your business. But, this isn’t something you should overly rely on. If you are a B2B type of business, you should consider offering your services in return for theirs. Once you have built out this type of network, you’ll not just prevent the need for excessive debt, but you are going to lower your overhead expenses.

Learn to Hire the Right People

One of the most common mistakes that start-ups make when they begin to realize success is hiring additional staff. Such an over-enthusiasm tends to create great trouble for businesses. For instance, when hiring, you are bound to settle on the wrong people for the job. This is because most probably you haven’t yet figured out a proven hiring process. Instead of rushing to hire people, you may want to outsource some of the office tasks.

Wrapping Up

As you nurture business growth, there will reach a point where you’ll want to expand your operation. That being said, as you plan on scaling your business, you must take into account some of the important aspects that may end up going wrong so that you take action. Remember that most of the problems you may end up encountering when scaling can be mitigated through advanced planning. It’s also important that you also learn from the mistakes of your closest competitors.