Warehouse Safety – 4 Ways to Reduce Risk & Safeguard Employees


You may think you’ve your health and safety covered, but there are always ways to improve the warehouse. There are many systems you can put in place to reduce risk and keep workers safe on the job. Professional training courses are great for understanding workplace safety, but you can be extra careful by using technology and other methods to secure your warehouse. Here are some devices and strategies to keep your employees safe.

  1. Automation

Automation doesn’t just save you money, it also improves safety in the warehouse. When you introduce automated systems into the warehouse, you take employees away from dangerous tasks.

In addition, you install systems that make the workplace safer. For example, a push button can be fitted to cut the power to electrical machines and devices. In the event of an emergency, all a worker has to do is push the button and disconnect the motor. Small additions to your warehouse like this can make it a lot safer. Push buttons come in a range of colours, they are easy to install and they dramatically improve warehouse safety.

  1. Forklift Safety

Automation has begun to take the place of workers in a range of departments, we no longer need people to drive forklifts and put themselves at risk in the workplace. Autonomous vehicles continue to evolve as automated systems make the workplace safer. One of the most common causes of injuries in the workplace are forklifts. People get hit by them and drivers sometimes miscalculate when carrying heavy loads. If you don’t identify hidden dangers in the workplace and look to improve them, your business will suffer in the long run.

  1. Warehouse Drones

Drones were once a device that people used as a toy, they’d fly them around outdoors and use them to take aerial photos of the landscape. They’ve come a long way since then and drones are now used in all kinds of public and private industries.

If you decide to introduce drones into the warehouse, you’ll need someone who understands the device and can gather electrical parts when needed. They must be able to control the drone and repair it when something goes wrong. Drones are used for making the warehouse safer as they can get to places with ease and read barcodes off pallets.

  1. Lighting

There is no excuse for having poor lighting in the warehouse. Dark aisles, broken lights, and gloomy corners make it hard for employees to see when they operate machinery or go about their daily tasks. Poor lighting can lead to serious workplace injuries, so it is an area you must focus on in your warehouse. Lights are used to identify hazards, provide direction in emergency situations, and illuminate dark sections.

Protecting your employees should be a main priority. Your workers are your most valuable asset, so introduce systems and strategies to ensure their safety. No employee should be forced to work in an unsafe environment. If you notice any issues in your warehouse, have them addressed immediately to avoid any incidents.