Waving A Magic Marketing Wand: Ways To Improve Your Strategy


Businesses of all types and sizes rely on marketing to attract customers and engage with buyers. An effective, targeted campaign can put a company firmly on the map and boost sales dramatically, but it’s not always easy to achieve results. If you’re not getting enough attention, or previous campaigns have fallen flat, here are some top tips.

Tailor your strategy to your target market

One of the most fundamental errors businesses can make is failing to undertake market research during the planning and strategizing processes. Every marketing campaign should be launched with an ideal buyer in mind to make sure that content and materials are relevant and to increase the chances of generating high-quality leads and boosting conversion rates. Get to know the people you want to buy your products and services, gather information and ask questions. Use the data you collect to shape your strategy. Your research should provide you with crucial information, which will help you choose the most effective marketing methods, set price points, design packaging and branded materials and engage with buyers more effectively.


Determine which marketing techniques are best for your business

There are myriad ways to promote a business in this day and age. While many are likely to be effective, it’s usually best to avoid a scatter-gun approach to marketing. Instead of utilizing every channel out there, pinpoint methods that are going to bring the most success. If you’re a small local business offering services for homeowners, for example, you might find that ordering print marketing materials and posting them through mailboxes is more effective than setting up an Instagram account. In contrast, if you’re a clothing retailer looking to attract buyers between the ages of 16 and 35, a platform like Instagram might be much more impactful than flyers or brochures. Use the findings of market research and ask your buyers how they prefer to communicate and how they search for products and services. As the Internet becomes more influential, local and national businesses can benefit from SEO (search engine optimization). Almost 50% of Google searches are conducted by web users looking for local information


Analyze your performance

Analyzing your performance using analytic tools and customer feedback can help you identify weaknesses, address problems and improve the efficacy of your strategy. If you’re generating a lot of traffic to your website, but your conversion rate is very low, for example, this might indicate that your landing pages or your website content are not cutting the mustard. Listen to comments from customers and use the data you collect to see which elements of your campaign are most effective. If you’re hoping to boost your social media profile, for example, track each post and see which kinds of content attract the most attention. 


A well-executed marketing campaign can drive sales, increase profits and enhance your brand image, but getting results isn’t guaranteed. If your current marketing strategy is missing the target, now is the time to make changes. Seek expert advice, undertake in-depth market research, select strategies that are relevant to your ideal customer and monitor your performance.