Ways How Meetings On Camera Can Be Beneficial For Your Business


In this fast-moving world, it is impossible for a person to travel every time he or she has to attend a meeting, thanks to the advancement of technology now the sessions can be effortlessly handled from the comfort of your office building. Moreover, the cost of traveling to these places also adds up, so it is better to do a meeting virtually. All you need is an excellent video-conferencing system like Roundee which ensures that your meeting goes lag-free and without any issue. A good quality system not only makes the whole process smooth but also paves the way for your firm to look more professional.


Here are some ways through which your meetings on the camera can be very beneficial for your business.

●    Interviewing employees

Hiring employees is a considerably long procedure and many of those people are not even serious about their job position. Thus, in order to save time, it is better to conduct this process from home or your office while you can do other stuff at the same time. A firm can add this as a selection stage so that they can pick out those candidates who are genuinely interested. Moreover, you would have a video record clip of each of the candidates appearing for the position, in case you want to reassess any segment of the interview.

●    Save money on traveling

Traveling can often tend to be an inescapably expensive thing which is why it seems wise to invest in technology that lets you cut down your travel expenses. You can seamlessly carry out business meeting with any of your employee having to be present physically. Meetings held with video conferencing are particularly handy when you are managing a remote team as it’s seemingly impossible for everyone to gather locally whenever a project needs to be discussed.

●    Systematic record and deep analysis

Keeping records of each and every person’s interview is a great idea as you can refer to them at any point in the future, moreover, you can see those videos and study their body language to know how did they respond to a question. If people tend to lie, their body language becomes different and that’s a big tell for the managers to assess one’s actions in order to decide whether the person is truthful or not. This analysis can also be done by a body language expert to get more insight.

●    Can be great for someone who missed the meeting

If a person ends up missing a pivotal business meeting, then he can easily get his hands on the recording to analyze its summary and grabs various aspects of the session. Yes, he or she would not be able to contribute to it but at least the person could extract crucial. It might be tedious to explain every minute detail of the gathering to such a person, thus its considerably handy to have an option of recording the session.


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