Ways Technology has Revolutionized Job Hunting



In the not so distant past, job seekers would have to buy the dailies and check the classifieds for a suitable job. If they didn’t find anything that matched their skills and interests, they would try again and so forth.

As you can imagine, it was hectic, time-consuming and often disappointing after you had spent money you didn’t even have to buy the morning papers. Then if you found something that tickled your fancy, you made a hardcopy application and delivered it by hand to the company’s offices or sending via postal mail. The whole process was so slow that by today’s standards you would have gotten another job even before your application was received. Technology changed that.

Technology has changed the hiring process for both recruiters and job seekers. For starters, recruiters aren’t bombarded with thousands of hard copy applications letters that clutter their offices and job seekers can conveniently and easily access and apply for job opportunities.

Job sites

There are innumerable job sites on the internet that scour the careers sections of company websites – so you don’t have to – and post any openings they come across for your indulgence. Some even allow recruiters to directly post jobs on their sites.

Job seekers can then subscribe to alerts from these job sites and get notifications whenever a new job is posted. Better still, you can makes filters using types of jobs, terms of employment and location of the job so you only get an alert when specific jobs that match your interests come up.

What this has done is that it has opened doors for job seekers to access jobs anywhere in the world. You can apply for a job in the U.S., Europe, Australia, etc.


Certain jobs are very specific about the academic qualifications of the applicants. In this era of online education, you can avoid the costly tuition fees that keep on arising by enrolling in an online university.

The advantage of this is cheaper costs and consequently lower student debt and you can also study at your convenience. You can study online even as you hold a job and graduate with a credible degree that will improve your career potential. You can also access numerous scholarships on sites like Usascholarships.Com.

Better still, there are platforms like Udacity, Udemy and many others from which you can learn new skills that you may need to get the job of your dreams.

Video interviews

The advent of video interviews is another way technology has changed the job search. A number of companies these days use video interviews to conduct preliminary interviews with prospective candidates.

This saves the job seeker the time and the money they would have otherwise spent travelling for the interviews.

Company reviews

Company reviews give the insider perspective of the company and can help a job seeker make up his mind if he still wants to join the company.

From the company reviews, you also get to know the salaries and the pros and cons of working for the company. This could be everything a candidate needs to ace a job interview.