Ways to Improve the Curb Appeal of your Small Business


You’ve likely thrown around the term “curb appeal” when it comes to residential properties. You may have even said it before about your own home. If you’ve ever sold a past home, you likely did some basic curb appeal improvements like painting the house, pressure washing the driveway, or planting some colorful plants outside to improve the curb appeal and entice potential buyers into your home. 


But, did you know that curb appeal for a company matters as well? In some instances, curb appeal may be physical, like the appearance of a physical property or building, or it could be an online presence. Does curb appeal matter if you’re offering a great product? Absolutely. How many times have you gone to a website only to not make a purchase because the website felt sketchy? Or, were there other times that you actually decided to not enter into a physical storefront because it was poorly marked or the parking lot was atrocious and you couldn’t find a spot? Each of these is an example of why curb appeal matters. 


Below are some of the ways you may want to consider improving the curb appeal of your business to increase sales and improve your company image.




Identify if your physical storefront is welcoming. Your physical signage should be clear, easy to read, and well lit. If someone were driving by your property, they shouldn’t have to wonder if they just passed your place of business; customers should be able to quickly identify where your company is located if you sell direct business-to-consumer.  So, signage is number one on the list of things to consider. Make it easy for customers to know if you are open and where you are located. 


The parking lot


Next, what does your parking lot look like? If your business is a quarter-mile down a gravel road, consider making some improvements. Do you hear honking outside of your business every time a customer tries to find a parking spot? What can you do to improve parking options? It might mean paying for reserved spots in front of your business, or it could be that you need to invest in some asphalt paving to improve the ease of getting to your business.  


Keep it clean


If your store is crisp, clean, and bursting at the seams with fantastic pieces that customers can’t wait to buy, but the sidewalk outside your store is dusty, has an old welcome mat that is coming apart, and there’s a family of spiders lurking beside the door, invest in a broom. It seems obvious, but it’s likely you may not even use the front door to enter, so go out front and try to see your store from the perspective of your potential customers. Clean the windows and sweep the front path.


Fix any glaring website errors


The average customer decides within two seconds of first arriving on your website if they are willing to stay or move on to the next option. Know your audience, and then declutter your website. Make it fresh and use a theme that is clean and doesn’t overwhelm the visitor. Any products to purchase should be front-and-center, and your website should be devoid of any extraneous information or services. 


The curb appeal for your business matters. Investing in these basic aspects will encourage more traffic to your small company.