Ways To Improve Your Instagram Photos for More Reach and Likes

Instagram is a visual platform, and so you have to ensure optimum quality images to be posted here to get more likes and followers


Instagram is a visual platform, and so you have to ensure optimum quality images to be posted here to get more likes and followers. You need to know what are the best tips to make your post popular among users. Whether it is your business account or personal account you need to use the best strategies to get the best results. This article will try to explore some quick tips to create the best photos that will stand out and drive more clicks and revenue to the business marketers on Instagram.

Why you need a good photography for Instagram

Posting good imagery on Instagram will help to make or break your deals, especially when you rely on shoppable Instagram posts or stories to drive in more sales. Shoppable Instagram posts are those which make direct shopping from your feeds possible. The consumers will be taken directly to product pages on your e-com website and purchase things through such shoppable posts. A recent study has shown that there is about a 44% increase in Instagram traffic since shopping posts are being introduced.

In 2018, Instagram also expanded its shopping posts to include Instagram Stories too. Similar to the shopping posts, followers can tap on the product they are interested in as they view their story and send the product pages to your website. As many consumers rely on social networks to make their purchasing decisions now, it is very important to showcase your products compellingly. So let us explore some tips to help create better images for Instagram marketing.

Choosing a visual style

The primary step to creating a company product imagery is first to understand your brand image’s specifications and make a plan. Product photography primarily focuses on featuring your brand personality, which needed to be reflected in each photo you put on your Instagram wall. However, marketers should also take some time to think about what exactly they want your Instagram theme to be. To do this, revisit the brand guidelines by including your typography, logo, color palette, icons, filters, etc. Having this information will help you to build a guideline for your Instagram photos and ultimately make your photos unique and branded to get free likes for Instagram.

Once you successfully identify your brand’s visual style, next, you can start taking pictures of your products or brand and experiment with various elements in it. While purchasing online,  the customers may only see the product when it is delivered. So, you need to make sure that your product photos accurately depict your products to avoid any confusion later and limit the scope of returns.

Applying proper techniques for composition

Photo Composition is the process of arranging visual elements to your photographs. The ideal composition of a product photo will help grab instant attention to your image. Let us explore some basic composition techniques which will work well on product photography.

Rule of thirds – This is a foundational composition technique in photography, which the expert photographers may already know. While you post your photos, divide your image into grids of thirds, both vertically and horizontally, and place your product where the lines intersect. If you use a smartphone like an iPhone to snap your photos, you can easily turn it into a grid feature and the lines on your camera. You may go to camera settings and choose a grid to be activated. You can also apply the rule of thirds to photos that you have already taken. If you are not confident about positioning the photo, then crop it so that the subject appears along the intersection of the lines in the image grid.

Rule of odds

Photographs can be made more engaging as they include an odd number of objects. For example, rather than placing four things in your imagery, try to add one more to make it five and see what difference it makes.

Impact of negative space

Negative space is the free space around the subject in the photograph. Negative spacing is a composition technique that will help you eliminate any distractions and emphasize the product that is showcased. With proper use of negative spacing, you will be able to draw attention to your subject instantly.

Centered composition

This may seem to be contradictory with the rule of thirds, but sometimes it may be the most effective way to feature a focused subject. With this approach of centered composition, you can place your product at the center of your photograph. Remember that you need to follow the rule of less is more while using this technique. So, try to avoid any busy backgrounds. You may also try to complement centered composition with negative spacing to achieve a balanced look for your photograph.

White balance

Very common mistake amateur photographers tend to make is not adjusting white balance properly. A great image may go unappealing with some unwanted hues from the light sources. Camera flash may also be making your white appear blue, and sunlight or some other light sources may give a yellow tinge to the white backgrounds of your photos. Adjusting white balance will help remove unwanted hues and make your white pure white without any yellow or blue undertones. You can also adjust white balance while doing photo editing with the use of special software and apps. Applications like Lightroom for mobile will make it easy to correct white balance and adjust the temperature of your picture.You may also try to tweak your image exposure to adjust the light in your photos and adjust exposure before clicking a photo along with the above steps.

Successful Instagram marketing photos do have the potential to drive a more targeted audience to your website. However, when you are trying to share your product photos, you may be unsure about what is working and what not initially. To overcome this, you may first try different techniques to see which types of photos get more traffic and sales and then fine-tune your Instagram photos over time to be successful.