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Creaking doors, the howl of wind, and ghostly footsteps are all part of the character of a haunted house, aren’t they? For home investors, there’s nothing like the history that comes with a haunted house. Whether the ghost inside is friendly or malevolent, living in a haunted house is a once in a lifetime experience. However, it may not be for everyone. If you’re thinking of selling your house in Houston – and the ghost along with it – here are some things to keep in mind:

Three Reasons to Keep Your Haunted House

1. It’s easier.

When you sell a house, you have to find an agent, market, invite prospective buyers inside, and find a new place for you and your family to live. Moving is a pain, and sometimes it’s easier to simply stay put and deal with your friendly ghost.

2. Your home’s value could increase.

For home investors, profit comes when a house is sold at the right time for the right price. If you’d be taking a loss on your haunted home, you should seriously consider staying put until the time is right.

3. Your ghost is friendly.

While you can pack up your kids, your ghost will stay bound to its home. Experienced ghost busters maintain that most ghosts that haunt the houses they used to live in are not hostile, but are benign and even friendly. With a little bit of consideration, it is possible to live happily and comfortably with them.
Three Reasons to Sell Your Haunted House

1. You can upgrade to a better house.

Whether your family is growing or you simply want more space, selling your current house can help you find your way into a new home. If you’re lucky, your new home might not be haunted either.

2. Turn a profit.

Maybe you don’t need five bedrooms now that the kids are gone – but you do need some extra money in your retirement fund. In that case, you can sell your haunted home, buy a smaller place, and invest the extra money. Strange as it sounds, some people do want to buy a house that is purportedly haunted by ghosts or spirits. A savvy homeowner can tap into this specialty or niche market for haunted houses.

3. Your ghost is mean.

Whether they lower the temperature in every room, wake you up at night with the sound of rattling chains, or pull your chair out from under you – some ghosts are bound to be brats. Unfortunately, your only escape might be to pack your stuff and sell your house – leaving the ghost for someone else to deal with. Unfortunately, Ghost Busters are not a viable option to removing your ghost. If you want to find out more about selling your haunted home in Houston, call 713-909-4119.