Wedding Accessories That You Should Have On Your Big Day


Your wedding is probably the most memorable event that you will live to cherish in your whole life. Couples spend many days preparing for their special occasion to ensure every element is on point. Whether men admit it or not, your general look for your wedding is equally as important as the bride’s. Accessories do not belong to the bride and her maids alone but also to the groom and his groomsmen. 

From small items like a bride’s necklace to the groom’s wristwatch, these accessories are significant in a wedding.  As the groom or the bride, pay attention to the small details like the wedding accessories since even the wedding planners might forget them.

Brides are the center of attention at a wedding. More often, people are curious about the bride’s dress and look. The look is only complete when the best accessories are put on. A tip to help you in deciding the best accessories is first to settle for the wedding gown then choose the accessories that match to avoid crashing your outfit. 

To ensure that you don’t miss out on important accessories on your big day, we have listed the top wedding accessories that you should have on your big day. 

Bride’s Accessories

Hair Accessories

You will never want to go wrong with your hair on your big day. The bridal hair accessories include; hair clips, veils, hair pins, tiaras, and crystal combs.  The accessories must match well with your wedding dress for you to stand out. A pearl headband or a floral side clip can be a good choice for your hair. 

Pearl Jewelry

You don’t want to miss a piece of jewelry on your wedding day. Choose one that complements your gown. Look for a pair of earrings and a necklace that will give you a sexy and stunning look. Going for a piece of pearl jewelry gives a traditional feel which gives a purity and love vibe. Freshwater pearl accessories have several options to choose from in relation to size and glitter. 


Although not all brides will choose to have a clutch on their big day, it completes your look. You might want to store some items such as gum hence will need a clutch. You can choose a simple plain clutch or one with a message on it like “Just Married”. 

Hair Accessories

A wedding gown that has lots of beads gives an expensive look. If your feel you want to add details to your wedding gown, a crystal sash is an ideal option. Bear in mind that your dress will be your guide here. Don’t buy the sash before buying the dress. 

Groom Accessories 


Choose a tie that matches your big day’s outfit. Your wedding is meant to reflect you and your partner. Through the dress code and décor, people will get to understand your personality. Find colors that coordinate with your groomsmen and the bridal team. 

Suspenders and Belts

Wearing a belt or a suspender depends on the event and your suit. For perfectly tailored suits, you will not need a belt.  Suspenders can be worn for a vintage feel. Ensure your colors coordinate with the wedding theme colors.  

Pearl Jewelry

Whether a necklace or a bracelet, choose pearl for its stunning look. Pearl is worn by men too. Ensure that the jewelry you choose is coordinating with the bride too. 

Wrist Watch

A wristwatch adds to your excellent look on your day. Having a watch on your wedding day look is a way to give a serious statement. Whether metallic or leather, a watch will never go out of style. Ensure your choice of wristwatch matches the bride’s accessories. 

Pocket squares and Handkerchiefs

Pocket squares are mainly used for decoration purposes. It is folded and put on the jacket pocket without adding any bulkiness.  After choosing your suit and wedding color, choose an ideal pocket square for you and your groomsmen. 

Grooms can feel a little bit feel lost when choosing their wedding day accessories. However, ensure that you remember the wedding theme color and that your outfits coordinate with the bride. Let your big day remain memorable!