Weed and Weird Things The TSA Finds

Courtesy of Columbian.com


On today’s program of the 3 AM Egos, we discussed the legalization of weed and weird things the TSA finds during security checks. According to a report featured on the Huffington Post, legalized marijuana is the fastest growing industry in the United States.  The report released by the ArcView Group,  a cannabis industry invest and research firm says that the legalized marijuana could top the organic food industry as the fastest growing industry . The report states that legalized marijuana sales have increased by 74%, raking in $2.7 billion dollars. Kevin (host) and Sigmund (producer) say the study is flawed because it’s biased.  Our other story is weird things that the TSA has recovered during security checks. The report featured on Mashable.com says that knives, drugs and guns are among the most confiscated items. However, it’s how people have tried to hide them that is odd, such as a 8.5 inch knife found hidden in an enchilada.