New Travel Destinations: Weird Museums

Courtesy of The Hungarian

Are you getting tired of always visiting the popular attractions in a certain city and want to find something different, maybe unusual? Well on today’s segment of the 3 AM Egos we have done the work for you,  courtesy of the Huffington Post.

Featured in the article was a list of weird museums, such as the Moist Towelette Museum of East Lansing Michigan, which Kevin (host) said were very popular growing up in Michigan. Next on our list was the Dialysis Museum in Seattle, which left all of us a little disgusted. The next weird museum we discussed is actually based in Houston, The National Museum of  Funeral History, in which our producer Marsha Lambeth wondered if they had any bodies still in caskets. Kevin just made a horrible joke about admission to the museum.   The last one we talked about was the ventriloquist museum in Kentucky, which would probably keep some people from sleeping.