Wendell Adams-Why Procurement is a Nightmare


Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business on Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK (on Bloomberg’s home in Houston) recently interviewed Wendell Adams.

About the interviewee

Wendell Adams is the CEO of AB Mobile Apps. Wendell is a mobile business expert, specializing in mobile strategies.  AB Mobile Apps has two office locations. Seattle Washington and Kalamazoo Michigan. With a team of over 50 people AB Mobile Apps has built over 500 custom applications for businesses and individuals.  Today, AB Mobile Apps has garnered national media attention and has some the highest ranked applications in the world for business. AB Mobile Apps Specializes in custom mobile application creation and system integration with a strong focus on delivering a prefect product with no bugs and little maintenance.

What type and size of companies do you have as clients?

The companies we work with vary in industry and size. We specialize in cross platform mobile application development for internal purposes, enterprise usage, and consumer facing applications. As a result the industry is not as important as the requirements of the application are. Some of the industry we have worked with include: Retail, Health, Counseling Manufacturing, Auto, Consulting, Real Estate, Legal, CPG, and many others.

What are the challenges of procurement for most businesses?

From a software prospective there are many issues and challenges you may need to address. Software can be a very complicated field, and in mobile the requirements change quickly. We find some procurement departments can be tough because of usually one of these issues: Lack of understanding about mobile software and what is needed, internal competing departments, slow movement of departments with a fast changing industry and rising costs, competitive misinformation.mobile application development is very different than most fields when it comes to procurement however one of the biggest challenges is that procurement will treat like buying a part and therefore pick vendors in a similar manner. In the end this leads to subpar work which usually does not accomplish the goal of the team or does not work very well. The app store is full of these apps, just look at how poorly the original Kohl’s app used to be or current issues with the android Angies list app is. There is literally 1000s of apps internal enterprise apps and external consumer facing apps that suffer from some of the most basic problems. Usually related to a procurement department and sometimes the business itself not being dynamic enough to change with technology or not working with a company that can help explain the important details a business needs to understand.

Tell us what the procurement process means to your business?

The procurement process is very important to our business as they help find and allocate specific projects to specific companies. To help the procurement departments we have developed a strategy of first analyzing what the person or business wants and then research how to accomplish it with-in their budget. We do this through meetings and explaining the technology with the pros and cons of each decision. We even go so far as demonstrating and recommending competitors when a custom solution is not an ideal for a customer. It is important for procurement department and business that a though system is put into place which meets the demands of today’s market and industry.

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