What are the Benefits of Using Lockbolts?



There’re no popular fasteners than lockbolts. Applications such as construction, manufacturing, mining, and transportation depend heavily on lockbolts as their fasteners. Lockbolts have a lot of benefits and prove to be the best fastener solution in many applications. Think of durability when you come across these fastening solutions. It’s designed to create a lasting joint that can resist loosening with constant vibration. Lockbolts come in various sizes and materials, which enable them to work well in different applications. Here are some of the benefits of using lockbolts.

They’re Extremely Tough

A lockbolt design enables it to form a strong, lasting joint that cannot match the traditional screw or a rivet. Apart from reducing the collar’s diameter during the pulling of a lockbolt pin during installation, the pulling also stretches the pin to produce more force over the joint. Lockbolts like huck aerobolt help a lot in manufacturing and construction application which involves heavy vibration, but lockbolt can take such vibration because it doesn’t shake loose.

They have a Longer Fatigue Life

You cannot compare lockbolts and torqued bolts in terms of shear and tensile strength. They have a longer fatigue life than torqued bolts. You can determine the shear strength of the lockbolt by the lockbolt diameter and the material’s strength. Whereas the tensile strength is due to the shear resistance of the collar and the number of grooves, you can fill using the swaged collar. The grooves have to be higher in numbers to achieve the tensile strength of the bolt.

Easy Installation

Installing lockbolts is very easy and faster than nuts and bolts. There are specific nose assemblies that are used to accommodate the lockbolt style and diameter. You can perform swaging with a lockbolt tool, and it will only take some seconds to complete the task. The installation also takes less labor and at a low cost. You only have to draw the pin as part of installing the tight joint.

After setting the collar, remove the excess pin then your installation will be complete. It is as simple as that as you need no special training. Lockbolt installation is foolproof and very easy to inspect.

They can be used in Any Application

Lockbolts come in various materials, lengths, diameters, and head styles, meaning you can use them almost in any application. They can also be made of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and hardened alloy steel. The common head styles of lockbolts include round, truss, brazier, and low profile rivet. Each head results in a different surface appearance. Also, head size matters too; you can use wider heads with softer materials.


Lockbolts create a stronger bond than nuts, bolts, rivets, and welding, but only if you install them properly. Lockbolts are high-performance, permanent, and mechanically locking fasteners that you can quickly install. Maybe you’re wondering where to get these simple and unique lockbolts for your application. Well, choose the right lockbolt from huck aerobolt who offers a wide range of lockbolts and offers you fastener experts to advise you on your application’s right lockbolt.