What are the Best Destinations to Visit in Winter


If you love adventures and want to explore the world, then you would love to learn about the best winter destinations. Well, some people think that winter is not a good time to travel, but it is surely a good idea to travel to these places in winter if you wish to. When you visit any of these places in winter, you will get an amazing experience, as everything will be perfect. Make sure that you find some info about luggage storage options through the Luggage Storage Guide before you plan the trip. It will help you to properly keep all your essentials before you travel to any place so that you have less weight on your shoulders to explore more places. 


1. Spain


Nobody can get over the enthusiasm of the celebration of the Christmas month in Spain. Whether it be colorful lights, shopping market, beautiful streets, anything, Spain is an all-in-one destination for the month of December.

Spain is amongst the warmest countries in Europe. The winters in Spain are milder but still keep some warm clothes and at least one jacket.

You can enjoy a great walk in the streets of Gran Via to appreciate the decoration of good light. Don’t forget to stuff your stomach with exclusive wines or Tapas at Mercado de San Antón.

The masterpiece from talented Spanish architect Gaudi is way more apparent. He embellished the city, Barcelona, with many appealing buildings, including La Sagrada Familia, which is a large Roman Catholic Church.


2. Mexico


Mexico is a place full of mesmerizing scenic beauty, bright sunshine, stunning sandy beaches, and, of course, rich cultural heritage.

The weather in Mexico depends on the location, with cooler temperature inland to warmer weather in the coastal areas. This dry nature of weather makes it a perfect place to enjoy the cold month of December if what you are looking for is warmth.

Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, is a standout amongst other tourist attractions. If you go to this place, you can’t count on your fingers what all places you can visit. The Metropolitan Cathedral, The National Palace, and Chapultepec Park are the eye candies and must-visits for everybody.


3. Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic, the Caribbean Country, is known for the most fabulous and moderate beach destination. The tempting magnificence of the Country and the stunning natural beauty make it eye soothing for all. 

The climate in the Country changes around different places. The climate here is neither too hot nor excessively cold, consequently making it a good pick for December if you are not looking for snow.

Santo Domingo, the oldest city in the New World, is a gem of the Country for the excellence and culture it has. The lovers of the arts find some great places to visit as it has the Museum of Modern Art, Palace of Fine Arts, and National Palace. 

The place is the island’s best place to buy crafts and other entrancing things to satisfy your shopping bag cravings. 


4. Egypt


The Country is widely known for its Pharaohs. The sizzling excellence of sanctuaries and burial places is a must watch excessively for all. Individuals visit this place (among other many reasons) for the captivating deserts, and wide options for Scuba Diving. 

The climate in the country remains dry, sunny, and rather warm because of the desert area. The pyramids that every one of you must have seen uniquely in the books of history are worth visiting as well. It amazes individuals since the old ages and is also among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The most peaceful town of the country is Aswan, which is made on the bends of the stream Nile. Take a ship and lose all sense of direction in the quietness of magnificence, contacting your very soul.


5. Jamaica


Jamaica is a Caribbean country. The place is notable for the nightlife, experience, and the beautiful island it is. The beaches, the beautiful mountains, coral reefs, and rainforests are the best tourist attractions. 

The climate in December is warm and sunny, and in some cases, it rains as well. It is somewhat humid as well, but in the long run, you will cherish being there in December. You can take a visit through the stream on the Bamboo rafts and appreciate the widely varied vegetation of the place.


6. Goa, India


You can expect a definitive fun in Goa, where you can appreciate the late-night parties, water boating, and a lot more water sports that make tourists go wild. It is a must-visit place if you are looking for something exciting. 

The climate in Goa in December is moderate, neither towards the hot side nor cool. The temperature on an average lies between 22-33 degrees, which is great compared to being in New York during Christmas. As magical as it is, it can get freezing cold!

You can also find the biggest and beautiful beach, which is known as the “Sovereigns of Beaches” that stretches up to 15 km in Panaji. The site is a beautiful and captivating place to visit and attempt a few rafts.


7. Philippines


It is an Asian Country, which is pulled in by a great many outside tourists who adjust the globe every year, putting away 7100 beautiful islands in its bump. From the beautiful sandy beaches to the stunning, exciting waves, the country has heaps of things to investigate. 

The climate is generally dry in the Philippines in December, but still, it will never impede investigating the beautiful islands.

After getting information about these places, you can surely plan a trip to the one you like most for this Christmas. If you want to explore without the weight of your luggage, you can check out the Luggage Storage Guide to help you store them easily, with no problems.