What Can You Buy With Crypto Today?


Who would have thought cryptocurrencies would be mainstream thirteen years ago? Back then, it didn’t look like a smart investment and, at any point, it was taken as a joke among investors, but time has proven otherwise.


Cryptocurrencies are in the alt-right in the mouths of analysts and all over the media, with a dubious start and a more than an uncertain route.


What was created out of thin air by an unknown programmer ended up running its price up to 50.000 dollars, which turned into billionaires whoever was “dumb” enough to invest in it when at the time of release.


It’s becoming pretty obvious that many governments are, to this day, still trying to find a way to regulate it which is in a way incompatible with crypto’s nature.


Now that everyone is talking about cryptos or “into crypto”, it has become mainstream and you can find many places where you can actually spend your coins in your daily life.


When it started, word has it that crypto was the currency of crime. Where you could buy anonymously illegal merchandise or hire illegal services on the deep web, besides being an exotic way of investment.


Nowadays, some companies are opening up to it and starting to accept it as a payment method.




While not many, you can start seeing BTC and many other popular cryptos ATMs around the city.


These are kiosks that will let you use cash and debit cards to purchase crypto. As cash, ATM would. Some even allow you to sell your coins for cash. The ATMs are connected to the internet, of course, and the transaction fees vary from 10% to 20%.


While there are not too many yet, they are starting to get popular and, by just making a presence, they bring the people and crypto world closer.




We must admit it’s weird to think about paying for food with crypto. If your state of mind is closer to investment than spending, using crypto to buy at your favorite restaurant may not be for you but it’s good to have the option to do so.

Restaurants such as KFC, Starbucks, and Subway have decided to start accepting these “non-common” payment methods.


It’s uncertain if it benefits the companies financially or it’s just a way to remain hype and stay current.




Entertainment and tech companies are accepting this type of payment now. Microsoft allows you to use this method to pay for your Azure cloud service.


Also, you can use crypto to make payments on Twitch, to support your favorite streamers.

When it comes to entertainment, you can’t miss the best crypto gambling sites, where you can play your favorite games anonymously, with fast processing, and without additional fees.


On top of the payment benefits, you can play from any device you own like cellphones and tablets anywhere in the world which makes it extremely convenient.




Thankfully, with all these horizons expanding to crypto you can now see travel agencies taking this payment method as valid.


Companies like Destinia.com have been taking BTC straight from your wallet for some time now.


So, now you don’t need a debit or a credit card anymore. That’s a huge step for investors that may have had their coins sitting useless for a while. Again, while some may be reticent to spend your crypto savings, you’ll have to do it someday, and what is the best way to do it if it’s not with a family trip.


Flight tickets


Airline companies are taking advantage of the crypto world. Companies like Surf Air and Cheap Air let you buy their tickets with this medium.


But the sky is not the limit for crypto. They can literally take you to space, in a rocket. Virgin Galactic accepts BTC payments for their recreational space trips. A Hawaiian flight attendant has been their first client who has paid the full trip in BTC, as stated by Virgin Galactic.


We must admit, this is a very unusual way to pay for a very unusual trip. Non the less, it must definitely be worth every penny (or BTC fraction).





As much as institutions want to discourage and take down the crypto fever, it seems like this trend is not flatting out any time soon.


Now that may companies are accepting this as a valid payment option the sky is the limit.

Crypto seems to be the cool kid in class, whom everyone wants to hang out with without caring if it will put in trouble.


As controversial as crypto has been from its start, to the bitcoin mining scene that is causing the microchips and video cards shortage that has been hitting consumers for years now, to the grey legality of its nature something is for sure, Crypto is shaking the financial world for good or bad.