What Does Digital Marketing Involve?


The term digital marketing refers to any form of marketing carried out across a range of digital platforms, and every business in this digital age needs a strong online presence. Also referred to as ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, or SEO for short, the digital marketing industry is huge and growing exponentially, as more and more people venture into working on a self-employed basis. With so many companies that all have websites and social media accounts, there is plenty of competition within the SEO industry, and like most industries, it is all about results. The top digital marketing agencies would have many big corporate customers, which is an indication of their ability to project a strong online image on behalf of their clients.

Search Engines

We all know that Google is our best friend and can find the answer to just about any question, and when an online consumer searches for a product, they would likely refer to Google, and they would use these results to search for a supplier. Therefore, it is critical that your name is up near the top of the search result when someone is looking for a product that you supply, and this is one part of SEO services, to improve a website’s rankings when the relevant keywords are used. The first thing the SEO company would do is to carry out product searches and see where your business is ranked, this is something you can try for yourself by simply typing in product information into a search engine window.

Social Media

There was once a time when sites like Facebook and Twitter were regarded as chit-chat apps, yet those days are firmly behind us, with millions of people worldwide, buying products and services from social media platforms. If your company has a few hundred thousand Facebook followers, this would be reflected in your revenue, and by presenting special offers and promotions, you can increase your online sales.

Driving Traffic

This is a prime goal of any digital marketing agency, and one very effective way to do that is to post many professionally written articles on independent blog sites. The blogs contain special links to the client’s website and are naturally inserted to look in keeping with the information, and when a reader is looking for roofing services in Perth and they are reading a blog about roofing, a link will take them to a roofing contractor who covers Perth. Whether or not the site visitor makes an enquiry will very much depend on the website’s content and the company’s history, yet the SEO service is aimed at sending visitors to their client’s digital platforms.

Web Design

This is an integral part of SEO services, and in most cases, the SEO provider would wish to make some changes on your website, replacing it with content that is written by professionals. It is rare than an SEO company would make no recommendations to change a new customer’s website, as there are always ways to improve.

It is very easy to make an enquiry with an SEO company, as a Google search is all it takes to source a local provider.