What Everyone Should Know about Electronic Voting Shareholders


Every company that has shareholders should provide their members with a platform to cast their votes when it comes to making major company decisions. This is usually done during the annual general meetings that are held at least once a year. An electronic voting system records the number of votes that have been cast by members. It shows data based on the number of votes that have been cast for the resolution made or votes that have been cast against the resolution. The major advantage of using this system is that it is safe and the data is confidential.  ·

When you are calling for a meeting where you expect to use the electronic voting system, it is important that you mention this to the members. This is so that they know what to expect when they are attending the meeting. You have to tell the members the time and date of the meeting and the venue and the procedures that will be used to cast the votes. ·

The company that is to carry out the voting process will set up the system ahead of the meeting. They will then upload the resolutions which are to be passed and the register of the voters. They will also generate a voting sequence number. ·

If for whatever reason a person is unwilling or unable to vote using the electronic system, it is the responsibility of the company to provide them with an alternative means of voting. For this reason, paper votes should also be made available in case such a situation arises. This will be done at the expense of the company that is holding the meeting. ·

Feedback Interactif vote électronique shareholders should know that their votes are safe and will be kept securely until they have been verified. Once the accuracy has been verified, the board president or whoever is chairing the meeting will announce the results publicly. ·

After the voting process has been completed, the voting data will be kept for some time, say about a year, and then they will be discarded unless you wish to continue keeping the records. ·

If you are not available to vote on the material day of the meeting, you can get a proxy to vote on your behalf on the resolutions that are to be passed. Alternatively, you can request to vote by proxy through paper voting. The company can avail these papers to you on request. Mail back the papers according to the guidelines given. ·

Any company that wants to use electronic voting should sign that they accept the terms and conditions for using the system. Make sure that you understand what these terms and conditions are since they vary from company to company. ·

The board will reserve the right to get a vendor, who will oversee the entire voting process on behalf of the company. It is the mandate of the vendor to ensure that the voting process is transparent.