What Is a Learning Management System?


What Is a Learning Management System?

There are a number of programs, software and systems out there designed to help businesses and HR departments streamline and improve their processes. But one that doesn’t get as much press and promotion as it should is the learning management system (LMS).

An LMS can help companies and organizations like yours train employees. It might seem simple on the outside, but when you really dive down, you can see just how impactful these systems can be for your business.

What can an LMS do?
An LMS can take all of the training you require (or desire) for your employees, and put it in a centralized location that your employees can access anytime from anywhere. It also allows you to track which of your employees have completed their training and which haven’t. Many LMS providers offer a library of common compliance lessons to make things easier for you. And you usually have the ability to build your own lessons specific to your business or industry.

And depending on your industry, you could use an LMS to keep your employees up to date on all the latest legislation, laws, rules or changes that impact your business.

Use it for onboarding
An LMS is great for streamlining the onboarding process, especially if you work in a regulated industry like healthcare or finance. Or if you are training new employees on complicated systems, software or machinery, you can use your LMS to provide that training, freeing up valuable time for the person who is currently giving that instruction.

Want to get your new employees up to speed on your company’s goals and culture? You can use an LMS for that, too.

Easily update training
Need to make changes to your training? Have updates that your entire organization needs to know? With a streamlined LMS, you can make those changes and updates quickly and easily, and share them across your organization with a single click of the mouse.

Save money
Instead of paying someone to come in and train your entire organization, you can make things easier by uploading that training to your LMS. This not only saves you money on the cost of those seminars and the travel they can involve, but it ensures you’re not taking your whole staff, or chunks of your staff, out of rotation to attend those seminars. Instead, your employees can work on the training when they have the time, and ensure you are still fully staffed when you need to be. An LMS can also complement instructor-led trainings for courses that must be done in-person.

Invest in employee growth
LMSs are great avenues to help you invest in your employee growth. Cross-training, advanced training – whatever your employees need to move forward in their careers and develop their skills for the future – you can provide with your LMS. Plus, these systems often give you the ability to submit direct feedback to your employees so you can encourage them to continue their progress.