What Is A Sales Enablement Program?


Have you been hearing the phrase “sales enablement” more so now than ever? 


Well, we are not surprised if you are as it is quickly becoming all the rage to help companies become more successful in the wonderful world of eCommerce. This world is big and it can seem a bit scary. But fear not! The sales enablement program is here to save the day. 


Before sales enablement became a thing, there was a really long, complicated, and monotonous process that had lots of room for error and lots of hands needed to make successful. 


A successful sale relied on public relations, marketing, and sales initiatives all complimenting one another and the process was a complicated one to get right! 


So in comes the sales enablement program—a new way of making life easier, faster, more efficient, and more successful. Are you in love with it already? 


But what is a sales enablement program? 


Are you doubting that a sales program is right for you or that it is not up to the hype? Well, we are here to share with you how a sales enablement program for how it can help with coaching, content, analytic tools and communication channels to set you up for those sales wins!  


Part 1: It looks after your content management

Yup, you have probably heard it before. And you are going to hear it again. Content management is one thing that has seemingly changed the way organizations work and an important resource that is worth investing in. Sales enablement allows for you to understand how to maximize your content implementation and can also show the gaps of what your consumers are not yet getting. It is a content guru you never knew you needed until now!


Part 2: It helps you with sales training

Sales teams are an important part of sales enablement. But what is the third piece to this is ensuring that sales training is done properly, correctly and given the proper amount of time to accomplish. So when your team are busy in all other aspects of the business, sales enablement offers a wonderful solution of taking care of this for you, ensuring your staff knows exactly how to use sales enablement and the tools it comes with to be good at their job. 


Part 3: It drives the communication funnel

How important is communication? We need a whole other article to really touch on that! But one of the keys to an organization being successful is ensuring that the correct communication is given to the correct people! Internal communications will now be more efficient than ever before and help speed up the communication chain in a very effective way!  So you never have to wonder if the right things are being communicated anymore. 


Part 4: It does the hard work with insights

Analyzing marketing insights is a beast of a job and one that you should not have to do alone. Sales enablement does the hard work when it comes to producing and providing marketing insights, so you can spend more time focusing on what is working and what needs more of your attention. And with technology leading the way, the room for error becomes much smaller. This is very important as you want to actually have confidence that your numbers are accurate and that you are making the correct decisions for your business.  

Remember, sales enablement is not a one-stop-shop for success. Not only does sales enablement cover the first four parts, but it is up to the organization to ensure that the sales enablement program is being used properly. So do not forget to regularly review, assess, and make changes to get more sales success!