What is a VPN Network and How can it be Useful?


A VPN network is a private connection service that allows to connect to internet securely from an untrustworthy Wi-Fi public network. Otherwise, they allow you to connect to webpages with geographic blocking, watching media content unavailable in your home country or entering in Netflix with a foreign IP, for example.

Most people use them for this reason, so they can evade censorship and enjoy the full content that they can’t access with they own IP address.

To understand how a VPN can be useful for you, we need to explain some details and the way that a VPN works. In the same way, you must choose between a lot of companies and find the best Android VPN or PC VPN for having a good connection experience. Or if you are an iPhone user, you will also have several options available in the App Store.

How a VPN can cloak my IP?

Around the world, each time more people are using VPN connection services to access to internet from insecure Wi-Fi, watching forbidden content in their country or accessing to webpages unavailable for geo-block. But that was not the original reason for invent those VPN bridges; actually, they were created for companies to connect securely to the internet.

Today, most of the VPN providers offer their plans for companies and people in general, so everybody can use them.

The VPN network acts by providing secure servers for connecting your devices to them. When you are connected to the VPN network, your devices acts like they were connected inside the network itself, so, when you select an US-based VPN, your IP will appear like you were connected from that country, and you can access from there to all the blocked content in your home country.

A VPN also encrypts your network data, so it cannot be tracked for others connected in the same network you are.

A VPN allows you to:

  • Evade government’s censorship over webpages or media content.
  • Stream from Netflix or another streaming services unavailable in your country.
  • Secure navigating for webpages that aren’t secure.
  • Protect your identity from possible attacks.
  • Hide your actual location.
  • Protect yourself from Wi-Fi insecure possible attacks.

How can I choose the best VPN services?

For choosing the best VPN services, you need to figure out which are your connection needs and view the VPN info and plans in their homepage. You should select the one that gives you faster connection and more benefits in their plans.

There are lists in internet of the Best VPN services, you only need to read their reviews from other users; pay attention, because it’s important for you to use the best service for the best price.

If you want to use a VPN for your business, you can find several deals online. If you are not a business man, but want to use a VPN without paying anything, you can just download a free VPN and connect all your devices to it.