What is Assignar?


Today, construction project management attracts a great deal of interest due to the advantages that result from its effective deployment. As construction projects continue to evolve, a clear procedure for initiating, planning, executing, and monitoring these operations is required. 

All phases of a project’s management—from inception to closure—must be carried out within the predetermined parameters of time, money, and scope. All other project resources will be measured against these parameters. The project management method aids businesses in accommodating these constraints to complete projects successfully.

But the old ways of managing construction projects may not be very useful in today’s world.  Modern construction management software, on the other hand, makes it easier for teams to work together, see what’s going on with a project, track time, make plans, set budgets, and share information.

Assignar is a great example of such a construction software program. Continue reading to learn more about Assignar and its features. 

What is Assignar?

Assignar is a well-regarded construction management software that is used by the best in the construction industry. It is a cloud-based SaaS platform that will unlock your potential to skyrocket the productivity of your construction operations.

Its prime goal is to boost organizational efficiency by increasing the quality of overall project execution. It also aims to raise awareness among key players.

Assignar helps its users do their work more efficiently, securely, analytically, and in an accountable manner.

Management and executive-level personnel will find several appealing features among the available construction choices. However, a common problem is that there is a major lack of functionality due to the fact that few software packages record site activity, despite the enormous demand for such features.

Unlike other project management systems, Assignar is made for on-field and off-field purposes. Its multitasking abilities mean you don’t have to worry about juggling many projects at once. It will streamline your project in its entirety by centralizing all your processes.

What are the features of Assignar?

Precise scheduling

Organize tasks and assign workers to the right teams. Equipment can be sorted for efficiency of use based on quality standards. Enable employees to use their own mobile devices to punch in and out of work. Using time-based sheets, management is able to keep track of how much time each person spends working.

On-field coordination

Communicate and collaborate on documents in real time with your team. The Fieldworker app will notify you of confirmed jobs automatically. Communicating high-priority tasks to employees helps keep everyone on the same page.

Personnel administration

Keep all employee records in one place, including contact details, legal documentation, insurance, and certifications. Find competent workers for projects faster by having the system do the legwork of matching their abilities to the jobs. Let the staff know ahead of time that they need to renew any papers that are going to expire.

Boost subcontractor engagement

To better assign subcontractors to projects, it is helpful to keep track of details like the types of equipment they own and whether or not it is in working order. Use the calendar to delegate work to eligible fill-ins.

Ensure quality and safety

Electronic forms can be created and collected even when there is no internet connection, allowing for speedy inspections of construction sites. Make use of the records you generate to keep tabs on accidents, potential dangers, and any kind of incident on the job. Prevent injuries in the workplace by holding orientations on safety procedures.

Systematic documentation

In order to save costs (such as legal fees, insurance premiums, and penalties), it is important to keep detailed records and conduct regular audits. Plan regular maintenance to extend the useful life of your machines.

Effective reporting

Reporting and analysis may help you make better choices. Get your hands on dashboards and transform your statistics into charts and tables. 

Be aware of your fleet

Use GPS to keep tabs on company vehicles in real time. Use the dashboards to check the current mileage. Set up geofences to get notified when vehicles approach your construction sites. Also, you have the ability to explore customer locations with the use of heat maps based on geographic data.

What level of support does Assignar offer?

With Assignar, you receive more than simply a program to use. Customer Success Managers  are a unique feature of Assignar that has been very well received by their clientele.

In order to help you make the transition from your present tools and processes to Assignar, it provides a comprehensive onboarding program. Assignar’s customer success managers will provide training for operational employees on how to make the most of the Assignar system.

After the first setup phase, you can contact the company by phone, email, or live chat at no further cost.

How much does Assignar cost?

Assignar has a subscription model where customers pay a set amount either monthly or annually.

With the monthly or annual subscription charge, there is a one-time joining fee that must be paid before you may begin using the service. To get the best ROI for you, the price is evaluated differently depending on usage dynamics and business size.

According to Assignar, customers may potentially earn a ROI of four-to-ten times their original outlay.

The complete deal comes with the following bonuses:

  1. The most recent updates and features of the software will be accessible to you as soon as they become available.
  2. Your dedicated customer success manager is available 24/7 through phone, email, and live chat at no extra charge.
  3. The chance to meet other professionals in your area at upcoming Assignar events.


Assignar is a software system that attempts to enhance asset management, compliance, and people management for tightly controlled sectors like the construction industry. Assignar provides its customers with a significant increase in productivity, more transparency, and incredible cost reductions across all construction management verticals.

One of the most important things that determines whether or not a project will be successful is how well the people who have a stake in it communicate with each other. It is necessary to create and maintain efficient communication channels in order to report on the status of the project at each of the points that contribute to the project’s success.

Additionally, the team needs to be able to work productively by regulating and monitoring the development of the project, in addition to any other tasks associated with it. On Assignar, you will be able to do all of these tasks with unrivaled convenience.

If you are pondering whether or not Assignar is the ideal solution for your company, the company offers a demo version of their software that can be tried out on their website.