What Is CryptoCart: How This New E-Commerce Platform Could Change The Future Of Online Shopping



Online shopping has become a huge part of everyone’s lives throughout the course of the pandemic as more people continue to shop online. But with the use of cryptocurrencies also increasing how could the combination of the two begin to revolutionise the future of the e-commerce for the better? In this article, we will be providing you with insight into CryptoCart and its unique e-commerce platform.

Decentralized E-Commerce With CryptoCart

One of the major benefits that come from using cryptocurrency is the decentralized nature that allows for the cryptocurrency to be spent directly through peer-to-peer lending without the need for a middleman. It is this decentralized platform that is used throughout cryptocurrency platforms such as CryptoCart to provide a shopping platform that is not only secure with every transaction but is streamlined to cater to both the customers and the vendors that are using the platform.

CryptoCart is built on the Ethereum blockchain using an ERC20 smart contract to ensure the seamless integration of not only cryptocurrencies but the use of the native CC Token. With incentives for spending the native CC Token on the platform as well as international shipping on a wide range of different products, this is an emerging platform that is set to revolutionise the future of online shopping.

Purchasing Items With Cryptocurrencies

Though there are several businesses such as Tesla, PayPal and Amazon that have begun to accept payments in cryptocurrencies, there are still very few platforms that provide a solely crypto-based e-commerce platform. However, with the seamless integration of cryptocurrencies across the platform as well as a reserved rewards system, the CryptoCart platform provides users with a unique purchasing experience. Whether it be an Amazon gift card or your weekly shop at Sainsbury’s, the secure purchasing experience of CryptoCart makes spending your earnings easier than ever before. In addition, when you are spending money on the platform, you begin to collect points, this is then used with the loyalty scheme to provide those customers with unique discounts as well as other interesting rewards such as exclusive NFT’s and several other discounts.

Proposed Rewards Models For Customers

In addition to the loyalty scheme, several other rewards can come from buying into the CC Token and investing in the platform as a whole. These rewards are as follows:

  • Shopping Discounts in a tier system to Token holders
  • Varied discounts for those who are using the native CC Token over that of cryptocurrencies.
  • Cashback rewards for CC Token holders. This is where a percentage of the yield will be earned with each purchase.
  • Loyalty scheme for the users of CryptoCart. This is based on a points system that measures the value and the number of transactions performed with the CC Token.


With this in mind, there are several ways that CryptoCart and its unique e-commerce platform could begin to revolutionise the future of e-commerce platforms. Why not begin investing in CryptoCart through MetaMask Or Uniswap.