What Is Lead Enrichment?



When a sales rep receives a notification for a new lead in the CRM,  it seems like a perfect fit to them. It enables them to look after their company’s website, search for that individual on LinkedIn, and spend half an hour producing the best introductory email.


However, as soon as they send the email, it bounces back to their email ID as undelivered, thereby making them unable to get in touch with that lead.


It is the time where lead enrichment plays a crucial role. Dive deep into the article to know about it in detail.

What Is Lead Enrichment?

The process that encompasses gathering and structuring of supportive data by the sales rep around the leads in their database is known as lead enrichment. It ensures the sales rep that the leads gathered in their database are appropriate and updated.


The lead enrichment comprises the company of data such as size, job description or role, phone number, and email ID. On the contrary, lead enrichment leads to any information that is recorded for the sales team to work efficiently in the qualification and outreach process.


Lead Enrichment can occur in two different ways. It can either be done manually by someone whose job is to research and enter into the system or by utilizing a third-party software that fills out the information by default as soon as they detect a notification from a lead. Each of these methods entirely depends upon the industry and the type of information they are looking for. It also depends upon the budget and the capacity of an individual sales rep.


Hence, lead enrichment is the most crucial method that industries can use to complete their work more efficiently. When a sales rep is knowledgeable about their tech stack and its role, it enables them to deliver customizable and helpful outreach. It thereby provides a considerable experience to your prospects.

Reasons For Using Lead Enrichment

Lead enrichment is beneficial in multiple ways.

  • Lead enrichment qualifies the leads into the system and enables the sales rep with productivity and success while interacting with the prospects.
  • It enters all the information related to the lead into the system that allows the rep to form a tailored outreach.
  • It allows the industry to automate CRM with the help of the information they have acquired through lead enrichment.
  • In the case of a bottom-of-the-funnel lead whose industry and the company’s size align with the ideal customer profile, lead enrichment directly routes that lead to the sales rep and lets the CRM mark them qualified automatically.

Selecting A Data Enrichment Software

Deciding on the appropriate type of software and whether it is required or not involves a lot of costs. Even if the industry is working on lead enrichment by hand, it is costing a lot of money. Instead of searching for the data, the sales team usually spends their time doing outreach and making sales.


Thus, before determining the third-party software for lead enrichment, the sales person should consider the number of reps spending their time on lead enrichment and the amount of time it involves a day in doing so.


It allows the team to determine the time spent per day or week and the time they can save after integrating third-party software.


Furthermore, it is advisable that before reviewing any companies, the sales rep have all the information they need along with the profile of the ideal customer. It enables the business to choose the comparing offering the best data required by the businesses.


While evaluating the appropriate data provider, emails and phone numbers act as the most significant piece of information. It allows the sales rep to contact and connect with those leads that will eventually save time.


It is beneficial since there are several data enrichment software companies that provide the services of prospecting too.


Apart from making the life of the sales rep effortless, lead enrichment also tends to increase productivity. If you are thinking of involving someone in the team that can manually enrich your lead, purchases software with the surety of what you need.


Lastly, it is vital to trust the data the sales team is acquiring into their system. This way, you can truly utilize and authorize the data in their outreach process.