What is “New Rich” Anyway?


Kevin Price’s new book is near release.  But, he is also preparing a book to follow that.  It is a daily reader to encourage New Rich and Lifestyle Design thinking on a daily basis.  It is intended to be both informational and inspirational.  Each day will have helpful content, perfect for reading every morning to start one’s day.  Here is one of those readings.  Our goal is to have the book available by the end of 2018. 


The expression “New Rich,” has become wildly popular. The expression was coined by Tim Ferriss, the author of the bestselling book The Four Hour Work Week. Over a million copies have been sold since its release in 2007. It has received both enormous praise and tremendous scorn (by naysayers who believe this approach is simply not possible). Ferriss says, “The New Rich (NR) are those who abandon the deferred-life plan and create luxury lifestyles in the present using the currency of the New Rich: time and mobility.” The objective is to create a lifestyle that empowers people to enjoy maximum freedom as well as a high income, and do it today. Learn more about Tim Ferriss and his work here.

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Tim Ferriss has said that he traded a job that had him making almost a million dollars a year for a passive income business that made almost $50,000 a month ($600k annually), when he decided to pursue a “Four Hour Work Week.”  In no time he went from 60 hours a week of work to less than ten as he replaced his activities with the energies of others (outsourcing), technologies, and systems. He said that was one of the best “trades” he ever made.


I know from my own personal experience that the pursuit of a New Rich lifestyle is not a pipedream.  It is very possible. Like a soldier wielding a sword, I found myself aggressively cutting through the waste of redundancy, activities below my pay grade, and unnecessary bureaucracies to dramatically reduce my workload from almost 60 hours a week to less than ten.  In my case, my income actually increased as a result. This stuff works.


Just for today, think of the possibilities of pursuing a New Rich lifestyle.  What would that look like to you? What are things you can do to get their today?