What is Shrinking and Shrink Wrap Machine?


Many people, especially those who are running a packaging industry, are very interested in to shrink wrap machine. It is considered as an advanced packaging method in the modern international market. In fact, large manufacturers and industries use this kind of packaging machine in order to wrap and tighten thousands of packages in just a few minutes. However, if you want to buy a shrink wrap machine for your packaging industry, you can buy online at  Maripak.

On the other hand, before we discuss what shrinking wrap machine is, let us first define what shrinking is?

What is  Shrinking?

Actually, shrinking is the other term used for shrink wrapping. Shrink wrapping is a process that requires a plastic film in order to wrap a product or products that has been already wrapped. This process takes the original shape of the product and covers it using heat which is applied together using a shrink wrapping machine. The main reason why several products undergo shrink wrapping is to protect and seal them properly.

What is Shrink Wrap  Machine?

As what was mentioned above a shrink wrap machine is being used to apply heat to the plastic film in order to cover the product before transferring for shrinking. However, shrink wrap machines are used to wrap several kinds of packaging such as aerosol containers, blister packs, pouches or bags, bottles, cases, pallets, cups, cartridges, capsules, cans, jars, and other wrapping containers.

In addition, proprietary and specialized shrink wrap machines are also accessible for a range of industries and applications. On the other hand, shrink wrap machines has two main types the L-bar sealers and l-bars.

The l-bar shrink wrap machines are regularly utilized for low to medium volume of applications. This type of shrink wrap machine features a long bar in order to make a single cut of polyolefin film or PVC. If the film was already cut, it is normally shrunk by means of a heat tunnel or heat gun. While the L-bar shrink wrap machines are commonly used for medium to high shrink wrapping application. But similar to the l-bar, L-bar uses a heat tunnel or o heat gun in shrinking a product as well.

With the help of shrink wrap machines, materials may possibly supply in different ways such as flat roll stock, pre-formed shrink bags, as well as center-folded film.

  • Flat roll stock – the plastic film is wrapped around the product
  • Pre-formed Shrink Bags – this option has a one open end that allows the product to be positioned in shrunk and sealed
  • Center Folded – With the use of center folded, the shrink wrap machines are supplied by a roll of plastic film, wherein the plastic film is bent in half and it is positioned in the center of the machine. However, the reaming parts of the plastic film are being sealed and heated.

Shrink wrap machines are really useful in several ways but make sure always keep these machines in a clean condition for them to have a longer life. Nevertheless, you can click to link for more information about shrink wrap machine.