What Kind of Education is Suitable for an Entrepreneur?


This is a question asked by many parents who see the best future in creating businesses rather than working for them and would therefore like to educate their child to be a leader. Before delving into the question, we thought we should address another question; Are entrepreneurs born or taught?

A Mixture of Both

While a person might have an entrepreneurial spirit, many of the essential skills must be taught and that means a comprehensive education that covers all of the core subjects. If you live in Bangkok, check out the UK curriculum at St Andrews, 107 Sukhumvit, a K-12 school that has educated many great entrepreneurs by equipping them with the essential skills they need to get creative in the business arena.

Core Subjects

Regardless of a person’s ambitions in life, we all need a solid education in the core subjects; math, the sciences, language and the arts and by choosing a school that strives for academic excellence, your child will have a rounded education and can focus on selective subjects for the last 2 years of formal education. During the first 6 years of schooling, the child should begin to discover where their interest lies and this should form the foundation for further education and ultimately, a career.

Fostering the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Encouragement and support are vital if a child shows interest in economics and money; explain the concept of supply and demand and how a company makes money through buying and selling products. There are no age barriers with this, but it should be something that is seen within the child, rather than being forced upon them; there are many ways that economics can be introduced and encourage questions, as this is how learning begins. Of course, further education is critical and a few years working for a company is essential, prior to any business ventures.

International Education

We are living in a digital age that demands IT excellence and of all the curriculums in the world, the British is widely accepted as the best there is. If you would like to source an international school in your area, Google is your best friend. Once you have found a suitable school, book a tour and when talking to the principal, make sure you mention your desire for your son or daughter to strive to be a leader. Every business creator is a leader, a person who is prepared to enter the business arena and compete, and leadership qualities are not really taught, rather they show themselves as the child grows. As a parent, you must be able to accept that your child has no leadership qualities, should that be the case, and whatever the direction they look to, we must encourage and support as best we can. Click here for the UK National Curriculum.

Encourage Competition

Leaders love to compete and if we lose, that’s fine too; that’s how we better ourselves and if a child understands competition and the rules it involves, and enjoys the thrill of competition, then they might be able to create organisations and also get an MBA if they desire.

It is the role of the parent to introduce the concept of entrepreneurism and break it down into simple terms; supply & demand and the free-market concept and if your child enjoys this, you are establishing a solid platform for a young mind to become an Elon Musk or Richard Branson.