What Makes Hospitality Important in Coworking?


Coworking spaces are appearing left and right. In recent years, they are present even in hotels. In fact, it is believed that coworking hotels are the future of hospitality. These days, new coworking spaces are not only being built in hotels, but hospitality is a concept that is given more emphasis. In the rest of this post, we’ll briefly look at the reasons why hospitality in coworking spaces is given emphasis by establishments like Common Desk.

  1. It Makes People Feel Welcomed

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, hospitality refers to the act of being friendly and welcoming to guests and visitors. Therefore, it is important in coworking for the tenants and guests to feel that they are welcomed. If the environment is intimidating, people will end up unhappy and the coworking space will fail to attract clients.

  1. It is a Good Differentiator

With too many options available, coworking spaces strive hard to differentiate itself and gain an edge above the competition. To provide excellent services, coworking spaces offer lightning-fast internet connection, excellent activities, and well-designed space. These days, these things became pre-requisites and not differentiators. With this, in their quest to be different from others, coworking spaces tap hospitality elements to create a welcoming space for everyone. Adding a concierge, for instance, makes it feel like a hotel with a receptionist to welcome guests and tenants.

  1. It Commands a Premium Price

If you are looking for shared office rental space in Dallas, TX, you will see that some of them charge higher prices compared to others. This should not be an issue, provided that you will be getting the best value for the money. With this, another important reason to incorporate hospitality elements in the coworking space is to make it better, and in turn, allow the businesses to charge a higher price to their clients. The tenants must be able to feel that their money is not being wasted.

  1. It Creates a Lively Atmosphere

By having a hospitable coworking space, the atmosphere is not only welcoming but also lively. This is done through a variety of ways, including making sure that space is designed to exude positive energy instead of a dull environment. Coworking spaces are also often made livelier by hosting events that get the people together. Aside from design and activities, even music will make the coworking office lively.

  1. It Must Create an Instant Connection

To infuse elements of hospitality in a coworking space, there must be an instant connection amongst its users. This means that it should be designed in such a way that it will be easy to interact with the other members. One way to achieve this is by creating lots of open spaces where the tenants can gather and interact.

Hospitality is not exclusive to hotels and restaurants. Even in coworking spaces, it is crucial for its success. It makes the coworking office more welcoming and livelier. It allows tenants to instantly connect with each other. This also allows the coworking space to differentiate itself from its competitors.