What Should and Should Not Be Done in Providing Promotional Products


Keep in mind that every business has its way of reaching customers but there are always better ways. One of them is to use branded merchandise. There was a study made by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) and the study was aimed at detailing the effectiveness of promotional products. Some researchers have concluded that most people keep branded merchandise for a long period. About 8 months on average.

The main message of the research is that if you distribute the right products, your ads will reach your clients longer. Your ad will last longer than ads like PPC or Pop-ups on various websites. ASI also found that not all products have “the same shelf life”. For example, if most consumers keep hats for 6-7 months, they will keep umbrellas longer. In this case, providing an umbrella is certainly more advisable to make your clients “remember about your company longer”.

Thus, to make a positive impression on as many of your clients as possible, you should not make a mistake in choosing your product (which is used as a promotional product). If you make a mistake then you will destroy your business in the long run.

Are you on your marketing path? You have to follow some of these simple rules. After following them it is hoped that you will be able to improve your company image significantly.

You should make branded goods the spearhead of your marketing

You can’t just pick promotional products at random, give them away, and hope that your clients will like and “remember your brand”. In the real world, a random selection of promotional products will not work well. Frankly, branded goods cannot be separated from marketing success. Branded goods are known by many people and you just have to adapt them to your “company image”.

Here are some guidelines for using branded goods as the backbone of marketing:

– You have to think that each item should be upgraded periodically. If your company is experiencing an increase in turnover, then you should think about providing higher-quality promotional products.

– As mentioned above, you should adjust your promotional items with your company image.

– Measure the impact you may receive after you give the items away.

– Always reinforce your brand message.

– Choose promotional items that can engage your clients as much as possible.

– Consider the budget you can afford. Do not force the provision of promotional products that exceed your budget.

You need to realize that promotional products are investments, therefore planning the delivery of promotional products carefully and measurably will ensure that your investment will pay off.

Why do you need to provide promotional products?

Of course, everything has its reasons and in the context of giving promotional products you do it for the following reasons:

– If your company is involved in an exhibition, sharing promotional products with many people can get them to know your brand.

– You can also provide promotional products to recruit employees.

– Promotional products often increase loyalty. Imagine you are a consumer who is sometimes given free promotional products. Of course, you will always remember the party to recruit employees.

– Promotional products often increase loyalty. Imagine you are a consumer who is sometimes given free promotional products. Of course, you will always remember the company or brand that provides these goods. As simple as that.

– Promotional products are usually given as a thank you for trusting a product. You can do the same and so you can build better relationships with customers.

– Giving certain promotional products can increase brand awareness because if you are used to giving away certain products, recipients may remember your brand the next time they come across the same products. Why? Because gradually promotional products will be “associated” with your brand. This method is recommended because so far many companies have proven its effectiveness.

– Some promotional products can increase the interest of the recipients to buy “your original products”.

You need to provide quality promotional products. And usually, quality is associated with popular brands.

What you should not do…

You should not do any of the following:

– Provide promotional products that do not match your brand image. Instead of reinforcing your brand, you will only create confusion among customers.

– You provide low-quality and perishable products. When your customers see that your promotional products are not quality, they may also think that your brand is not quality either.

– Do not give too much because your target will think you are the producer of these promotional products. You will only waste your money because they are too focused on your promotional products. You don’t want it to be anticlimactic.

– Providing too many promotional products, which can drain your budget unreasonably. Indeed, you should only provide quality items. But make sure these activities do not interfere with the financial health of your company.


Providing promotional products is one of the best ways to get positive attention from your potential customers but you have to do it wisely.