What Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Movement Marketing Strategy


Most of the things in the world have been influenced and pushed forward by movements. There are movements in almost every arena of human society. You will find political, social justice, environmental and war movements among others influencing various aspects of society. Movements vary in size and nature. It is upon agencies to establish an effective movement strategy concept that can influence the brands they represent positively. It is a great way, if successful in establishing brand loyalty. There is always a psychological bond that is established as every movement arises from a pre-existing condition. Here are a few ways in which you can improve your movement marketing strategy.

Connect with the People

Movement marketing is about your vision as a company and how you connect with people. It is never about your brand. if you want to connect more with the people, initiate a cause they are passionate about. Make them feel that they are a part of something greater than themselves. Try and speak deep into the people’s souls, hearts and minds. Establish a purpose and give people reasons to follow that initiative. The more your audience feel a part of your movement, the more it grows and the more successful your campaign becomes.

Identify Your Rallying Cause

Remember, in movement marketing, it is not the brand that you want to get out there per se, but a cause that you want as many people as possible to join. After people get to be part of this cause, they automatically identify with the brand. you need to establish what you stand for, and advocate for that. You will give people a reason to follow you.

Understand Your Target

Not every moment becomes a success. Most don’t. You need to take your time and understand the people, or the community you are establishing your movement. Know what drives them, and what is important to them. You should also define the changes in behavior that you want to see which should be in line with your brand.

Provoke a Conversation

There is no movement if people are not talking about it. For your movement to improve, you must push a narrative that will get people talking. Startup a topic that will stir up people’s emotions and get them talking about the movement initiated by your brand. It is such conversations that have more and more people joining your course.

Emphasize on Sharing

Traditional advertising strategies focus on increasing sales and enlarging your market share. This approach can never work with movement marketing. In this case, you need to limit your efforts of selling your product, and focus on engaging with your target audience. As stated earlier, focus on bringing up a discussion or activities that change the people positively instead of selling to them. Your brand will be part of this movement but in the background. A good example is how organizations start tournaments in various sports.