What to do If You Get Injured in a Car Accident


We spoke to a personal injury attorney in Pittsburgh about car accidents and what one should do in case such an accident occurs. According to the lawyer, the first thing you should do is make sure you’re safe and sound, and then head to a skilled attorney and let yourself be heard.


Car accidents can shake your lives and you may not be the same when you drive again. Car crashes are known to cause more injuries than any other types of accidents.


As per the National Safety Council, more than 4.6 million injuries were reported due to car accidents and 40,200 people were declared dead last year, and a lot of these accidents and injuries happened due to the other person’s fault.


These numbers are a proof that car accidents can happen with anyone which is why you need to be prepared and know what to do during the situation.


Here’s everything you need to know about personal injuries caused by car accidents:


Steps To Take After Being in an Accident


  • If you or anyone else is severely injured then the primary thing to do is to seek medical help. If you are good and in the state of calling an ambulance then by all means do that. In case of a severe accident leading to a serious injury, call for help from the people who are there.



  • Move your vehicle away from the road so that no further accidents may occur (If you are able to do that).


  • If you can, take pictures of the scene. Make sure that the vehicles involved in the accident are there in the picture with the registration plate numbers to act as proof. This is important because if the case is taken to the the court, then you will need such evidences.


  • If the person at fault is cooperative then take their contact information as it can be of use later. If the person accepts their fault and is willing to compensate you for your injuries then it’s better to deal with the matter right there and then, but make sure to get fairly compensated.


  • In case, the person responsible for the crash flees the scene a, then report the accident to local authorities. This is essential because personal injury cases have a statute of limitations. Meaning, there’s a time period under which you can file a claim. If that passes by, you can’t do anything.


Hire An Attorney That Deals In Personal Injury Cases

Car accidents can take bad turns and leave you more damaged than you think. Here’s where you need to hire a personal injury lawyer to fight your case if negotiation is not an option.


Talking about compensation for the damages you’ve sustained, insurance companies are known to cheat and give you less amount of money than you deserve.


This can be prevented with the help of a lawyer who knows how to deal with insurance companies and get the maximum out of them.


To make sure your case is properly presented, you must waste no time in getting in touch with an attorney. You can easily find information on the web or by dialing your friends and family and asking for suggestions.


It is important that you choose a skilled lawyer so that you can get your rightful compensation, which depends on several factors.


When Should You Take The Case To The Court?

Your first priority should be to come to a settlement with the other party. This is because taking it to the court can take up months or even a year to get an outcome. However, if the person at fault refuses to accept their fault then taking the matter to the court is your best bet.



To avoid car accidents make sure that you follow all the driving tips so that you and others can be safe on the roads.