What To Do If You’re Injured On The Job


When you’re injured in the workplace, there are some very specific steps you need to follow.  After being hurt, you need to take the right steps to make certain your injury is properly documented.  

If you don’t follow the proper avenues, you could be denied the accommodations you deserve.  Take a moment to read over a brief summary, featuring some very important steps to take after suffering an injury in the workplace.  

File an accident report ASAP

As soon as you are physically able, you need to fill out an accident report from your workplace.  The accident should be recorded in detail, so there is no gray area on what actually happened leading up to the injury.  

In most states, you have to file an accident report within the first two days to validate your future compensation claims.  If you think you may need continued support for recovery, it is vital that you take this step.  

Go to the doctor

Make sure you are seen by a legally practicing physician.  While you’re being seen, make certain that the doctor knows that you were injured on the job.  

There are various ways in which medical professionals need to document your injury, so you can get workers’ compensation as soon as possible.  Don’t skip this step, as you need the legal documentation for future legal proceedings (should you have to take it there).  

Complete a workers’ compensation form

After you are injured on the job, you need to fill out a workers’ compensation form from your employer.  Form C-3 should be filled out completely and mailed to your nearest Workers’ Compensation Board.  

If you do not file your claim within two years of your accident, you will not qualify for compensation.  Two years should be more than enough time for you to claim that you have been debilitated from an on the job injury.  

Hire a lawyer to help your case

Most people who apply for government compensation are denied the first couple of times they file.  There have been some very deserving people who were denied a check.  

Don’t lose heart.  Just keep applying.  Hire a workers’ compensation lawyer to help move your case through the proper channels, and get your hands on the financial reparations you deserve.  

Work towards rehabilitation

After you’ve filed all of the necessary paperwork, it’s time to focus your mind on your recovery.  An injury doesn’t always mean permanent disability.  

If you’re able, work hard towards rehabilitation, so you can get back out into the workforce as soon as possible.  You will lose less time and less money by putting your best effort into your physical rehabilitation.