What to Look for When Hiring Marketing Help


What to Look for When Hiring Marketing Help

The hiring process can be a tricky business both for the company and for the applicants. Where businesses are working better towards unbiased interview processes, such as welcoming applications from all backgrounds, cultures and age groups, it still doesn’t mean that the individuals getting hired aren’t faced with prejudices, especially when it comes to black women in the tech world.

This is why, should you be looking to hire marketing and technology assistance for your business, it’s important to consider the following.

Avoid the Obvious

There may be a certain demographic that is usually hired for technology and marketing help. For example, technology can be viewed as a male-dominated industry.

The important factor to remember is that you want your company to stand out from the competition by outsourcing valuable, unique insights. If you are taking on the services of the identical demographic to every other company that is doing what you do, then you may be no different. Take the time to look for overlooked groups; black women in tech, for instance, are severely disregarded, having to battle not only with gender biases but cultural bias, too.

While it’s naturally important to hire the right person for the job based on their experience and fit, your interview and hiring process should consider people from all backgrounds, races and genders. If the candidates you narrow down are divided between an overlooked demographic and a popular one, you should provide opportunity to those fighting hard for recognition.

If You Aren’t in a Position to Hire Permanent Help, You Should Gain Consultant Services

It’s not always possible to hire new staff, whether this is due to lack of budget or failure to find a suitable candidate. Or, perhaps you are just looking for short-term guidance to get you on the right path. Either way, a professional marketing service like Toni Vans Consulting Training can help immensely. With years of valuable experience in their field, consultants can offer dedicated time and training for the needs of your business. It may be that these consultants have plenty more to bring to the table than a marketing employee would have. With a consultant, you also ensure that you have their focus for the time you need, as opposed to an employee who may leave at any time.

Seek Proof, Not Simply Qualifications

Of course, a candidate with a marketing degree and a background in tech is going to be a boon for your business. However, you need evidence that an individual can provide adequate marketing for your business. Qualifications may not be enough if the candidate has no experience working in a marketing environment, especially in comparison to a candidate who may have ten years’ experience of creating marketing strategies with great results but no degree or formal education. Which would be more beneficial for you?

It’s a good idea to request evidence of how the candidate has implemented a marketing strategy in the past and the subsequent positives it had on the business.