What We Do With Secondhand Boxes!


As we’re in the business of selling secondhand boxes, many potential clients ask us where our stock of boxes come from. After all, it’s not every day you hear someone talk about the concept of responsibly sourcing cardboard boxes. As a business since 1992, we have many ways in which we collect our boxes, but we’re happy to share an overview of our process!

Reusing already existing products on our planet is the most responsible way of living and running a company. It helps reduce environmental waste and conserves energy as well as the trees required to manufacture new boxes. When you choose to buy secondhand products, you are helping our environment in more ways than one!

In fact, modern businesses strive to lower their carbon footprints and using secondhand products whenever possible allows them to do that. Our mission is to help preserve sturdy quality secondhand boxes by selling them to businesses needing an environmentally conscious packing solution. Likewise, many businesses also choose to deliver their boxes in good condition to our warehouse.

What Are The Reasons Behind So Many Excess Boxes?

There are dozens of reasons why a business may have many usable boxes left over. The most common problem companies are faced with is when imported merchandise gets delivered, they are stuck with hundreds of cardboard boxes that they no longer have use for. In these instances, besides calling us, their only other option is the landfill. Some companies also have formed production lines where products are unpacked along the way, which once again results in an excess of unwanted boxes.

It is not unheard of for companies to also find certain box sizes obsolete after one use, while others may pile up due to simple human error. A shipment of boxes that’s the wrong size or misprinted is one that’s tricky to dispose of in a responsible manner. If your company experiences an onslaught of unnecessary boxes, our business is to help you find an immediate solution!

We have heard all the excuses before, and if you have unwanted cardboard boxes, we offer a safe, fast, and truly responsible solution for disposal on your end. Our company buys boxes in bulk and we sort them properly into stacks that are placed on pallets or inside metal cages. We always encourage our clients to please help us by sorting boxes they are giving away as much as possible.

Do you have more boxes than you’ll ever need? Are they causing a headache? If so, contact us today and we can offer a quick resolution!

What Happens With The Boxes We Receive?

The first step is that we always properly inspect the secondhand boxes. The bad boxes that are no longer serviceable are separated from the sturdy usable ones. Then, boxes are sorted based on size and shape to make bundling easier.

The boxes we deem sturdy enough for use are stacked together neatly on pallets awaiting sale. We believe placing an emphasis on quality, which is why we always check our stock. Are you interested in our supply of secondhand boxes? Check out our Verde Trader website!

**Boxes that are no longer fit for use are properly baled and sent off to a recycling plant.