What You Need Before Changing Your Business Communication System


During the pandemic this year, many people have turned to remote work. Working from home and using the cloud for sharing and storing documents has become our new normal, but it’s also led to a rising need for better communication techniques for businesses. Calling via cellular communication, but there are even cheaper options depending on where you’re calling. But before switching over to a different system, you have to ensure that you have everything that you need for your business.

VoIP is one of the best ways to bring your company into the new normal with COVID-19 still present. You need to maintain communication with your clients, and you need a method that still provides quality sound and offers good features—all at a low cost. Before you make a point of switching, you have a few things that you need to address. 

Internet Quality Matters

For your employees working in-office, you need to have a strong internet connection, which requires a reliable internet connection. Without a strong signal, your VoIP will not be as efficient a service as you expect it should be. It’s much easier to have good quality internet through fiber connections, so choose your provider wisely.

Network Components

Voice quality issues often come down to bad network components. If you ensure that your network components are updated, you can save yourself a lot of time and money. The right managed IT service provider will be able to check all this for you. 

The Right Phone

Before your VoIP can work, you have to know that the phone being used to transition has VoIP equipment that works properly. VoIP is an internet option and it allows you to make and receive calls. You can’t do that if your team is not adequately equipped. Your VoIP provider and managed IT services should be able to arrange all of this for you and set up the features you want.

Staff Training

No one will be able to use your new VoIP system if they’re not properly trained on how to do it! Complete training courses before you fully switch over so that you can get going right away. You can train people with in-person sessions, booklets and manuals, extra tutorial videos that they can jump on at any time and more. Training is vital if you want this new system to work properly.

Correct Extensions

A phone line, and all extending lines from the main line need to be set up properly if you want it to run smoothly. You can lose customers if your system isn’t set up properly, and you want the prompts to go to the right people, not the wrong ones! Think about how you can impact your customers positively and get the background music and all of the other features set up at the same time. Get all of this done and tested with your managed IT services provider before you go live—that way, you’ll be ready to go right away!

While the pandemic has altered the processes of so many companies, we are now more able than ever to overcome challenges and keep companies working differently. Working through a managed IT services gives you the flexibility to prepare for the future better.