What You Need To Know About Different Types of Storage Units


Is your house drowning in clutter and things you no longer use? Or have you recently downsized your home and are looking for extra space to store your possessions? Or maybe you are an entrepreneur who needs to keep your business inventory organized? It’s time you considered renting a self-storage unit.

What Is A Self Storage Unit?

A self-storage unit is simply a storage space such as a container, a room or a locker that is rented out to a tenant by a storage company for a fee. The tenant can use the storage unit to securely store their possessions and easily access them when in need. When choosing the right storage unit in Auckland you will need to consider the most convenient locations in the area and the prices and discounts as well. Safestore Containers are trustworthy, competitive, safe and secure and have the most convenient locations in the entire Central and West Auckland.

Here are four important things you need to know about different types of storage units.

  1. What Type Of Storage Unit Are You Looking For?

There are different types of storage units available in the market today. Before you start shopping for a storage unit, you will need to know what exactly you will be storing. This is because there are some household or business items that require specific storage solutions and it’s important for you to understand and do your research on the various storage units before you make your purchase. For example, if you are looking to store your vehicle in a storage unit, a large ground unit is always recommended.

  1. The Storage Unit Size Matters

One important thing to know about storage units is that the smaller storage units are less expensive compared to the extra-large storage units. When choosing a storage unit, you will need to select one that is large enough to suit your needs and leaves a little extra room just in case you need to add some extra stuff.

  1. You Can Protect Your Prized Possessions by Renting A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Even though storage units are specially designed to keep your possessions safe and tucked away until you need them, not all units are equipped to handle the weather elements such as high humidity or strong wind. If you are planning to store items such as clothes, electronics, antiques, and leather furniture for a long time, consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit. Climate controlled units are more expensive as compared to standard units but the extra cost is worth it as you can be sure that even the most delicate of your items will not be damaged all year long.

  1. The Safety Measures and Security Features Vary By Storage Facilities

The safety and protection of your stored items should be top in your mind when looking for a storage unit. However, you should know that safety features vary from one storage facility to the other. While some storage companies only provide you with a lock and key, others go the extra mile by adding 24-hour digital surveillance and well-lit environments. Be sure to confirm all the safety features provided before you sign any contract.