What You Need To Know About League of Legends


League of Legends is one of the most popular video games in the world and has over 100 million active players. If you are thinking of starting to play, there are a lot of different things that you need to know. Understanding the essentials of League of Legends will help you understand the game and have more fun when you are playing.

What Is League Of Legends?

Before you can look at the essentials of League of Legends, you need to know what this is. League of Legends is a video game for Windows and Macs which can be downloaded. The game is free to play, but money can be spent on cosmetic items such as icons and skins or for unlocking champions. You can also purchase champions with the in-game currency which you earn as you play.

The basis of the game is a competitive, team-based fight which can last between 20 to 50 minutes. There are some extreme matches that have lasted for over an hour before one team wins. Before the match starts, the teams will be created with 5 players on each team. Once the teams have been created, each player will choose a unique character to play during the match. There are 138 different characters that you can choose when you play.

The Objective Of The Game

The games in League of Legends will generally take place on the map Summoner’s Rift. Each team will be given a base that they need to protect from the opposing team. While the teams are defending their bases, they will also have to attack the enemy base in order to win the game.

Each game will have a blue team and a red team. The base for the blue team will be on the lower left section of the map while the base for the red team will be in the upper right part of the map. Close to the back of the base will be a building called the Nexus. Your team will win the game when the Nexus of the opposing team has been destroyed.

The opposing players will not be the only thing that guards the base and the nexus. There will be 2 large turrets or towers that deal damage to any enemy fighters that gets within their limited range. You will have to destroy the Nexus Towers before you are able to destroy the Nexus and win the game.

Each base will have 3 lanes that extend out of it. The top lane will be at the top of the map with the Bot lane running at the bottom of the map. The middle lane, also known as the Mid Lane, will run through the middle of the map. Where the lanes and base meet, there will be another turret which guards a smaller building which is known as the Inhibitor. In order to get to the Nexus Turrets, at least one of the Inhibitor Turrets will need to be destroyed.

There are other turrets in the lanes known as the Inner and Outer Turrets. Each turret will have to be destroyed before the team can move closer to the Nexus. Once the turret has been destroyed it will remain destroyed for the rest of the match. Every few minutes the Nexus of will release minions which attack any players in their path as well as enemy structures such as your Nexus or turrets.


The Champions

When you play, you will have to choose a champion before each match. Champions are the characters that you will be able to control during the game and each team will have 5 different champions. Each champion on offer is unique and there are no 2 which are exactly the same.

When playing a standard game, only one of each type of champion can be deployed. This means that if the Blue team has picked the champion Ryze, the Red team will not be able to use this champion. Fortunately, there are 138 champions that you can choose from which ensures that there are no issues with not having the same champions.

There are certain things that will make up a champion and each will have these characteristics. The first is that you will be in control of their movements. You will control these movements through your mouse and keyboard.

The champions also have an auto-attack which activates when you click on an enemy unit. When this happens, your champion will start to move to the enemy unit and when they are close enough will start attacking. The attack will vary depending on the character and the weapons they have.

In terms of abilities, there are 5 different abilities that you need to know about. These abilities are the passive ability, the one mapped to the Q key, the one mapped to the W key, the one mapped to the E key and your ultimate ability which is mapped to the R key. Auto-attacks will be the same for everyone, but these other abilities will be champion specific. You can find out more at https://www.rivalry.gg/matches/league-of-legends-betting.

The Roles

There are certain champions that are better in certain areas of the map and in certain roles. It is important that you know what the roles are. The first is the top laner which will generally be the champions that are hardest to kill. Their job will be to protect the other players and be the focus of the enemy team’s most powerful players.

The mid laner is often considered the star role as they are in the middle of everything. They need to be able to quickly get to other players to help them. They are also one of the main damage dealers and will need to be able to kill enemy units quickly.

The AD carry role will be the bottom lane player and is the other main damage dealer. They will generally be ranged champions who are able to deal a lot of damage from a distance. They will play in the same area as the Support champion who helps them throughout the game. The support champion will help the AD carry champion at the start of the game and will not do much damage but will need powerful healing abilities.