When Should I Rent a Dumpster?


A dumpster rental is an excellent addition to any larger-scale project, especially ones that might produce a lot of waste or other debris, but they do not suit every single situation. Renting a dumpster when you do not need it can waste time, money, and valuable space at the worksite.

When should you rent a dumpster, and which dumpster should you choose? Here are some things to consider before you make any commitments.


Construction work can leave a surprising amount of debris, especially if that construction involves taking down existing structures and obstacles or flattening an area of uneven ground. Of course, the scale of the construction also matters since this increases the amount of trash left over.

It is a good idea to scale your dumpster to the size of your construction project. A simple skip hire can work for most basic jobs, but as you move into building entire structures, a full-sized dumpster rental is generally the best option.

Keep in mind that building work can take a while, so it might be a good idea to get multiple dumpsters one after the other instead of relying on a single massive option. Efficient waste management can mean swapping out dumpsters each week as the work continues.


Renovation can mean that you are tearing up a lot of existing surfaces and furnishings to replace them, with some bigger projects even demanding that you rebuild walls or create extensions. This naturally means that you will have more to get rid of, so a larger dumpster can be important.

It is a good idea to remember that ‘renovations’ can cover a lot of different tasks, especially when dealing with a smaller area. Take some time to think about which pieces of work will generate debris and waste since you might end up with a smaller pile than you first expected.


Complete demolition of a structure will leave a lot of waste disposal responsibilities behind, but even on a smaller scale, you should expect to need a big dumpster rental. While you can sometimes re-use materials, such as individual bricks, taking down a major structure is usually very messy.

Of course, if you are taking apart something that was never meant to be permanent in the first place (like a garden shed), then you might not generate much unusable waste at all. Think about what you are actually removing or dismantling and how important waste disposal will become.

Getting a Dumpster

Whether you need a dumpster rental in Bristol PA, or somewhere else entirely, there are countless different dumpster types to try, some of which will be specifically geared to certain scales of work. The larger a dumpster, the larger the capacity, but the more it costs and the heavier it becomes.

Be sure to focus on your own work when planning out dumpster rentals, and do not feel limited to just one. You can even stagger rentals to have fresh dumpsters every couple of weeks, making it easier to avoid debris piling up after you fill-up the first dumpster rental you ordered.