When To Know It’s Time To Look For a New Commercial Cleaning Company


In a perfect world, you wouldn’t be searching for a new commercial cleaning service, but partnerships can become tarnished over time.

Your current cleaning company may have stopped showing up when they said they would, or when they do show up, their cleaning services are not up to par.

Regardless of why, it’s not a delightful experience to have to start over from scratch to find a new cleaning company, which is why you should ensure you’re making the right decision to do so.

Enlisting the help of a commercial cleaning company should be beneficial for your company, not result in headaches and frustration. If you’re unhappy with your current cleaning company, here are reasons you might decide it’s time to hire a new one.

Your Facility Is Dirty

The most obvious reason to hire a new commercial cleaning company is because your facility is still dirty — even when your cleaning company shows up.

As with many services, at the beginning of a contract, the service is perfect. Then, unfortunately, over time, cleaning companies can become lax with their services. A service that once resulted in a spotless and fresh-smelling facility is now barely dusted with trash piling up.

In addition to doing the bare minimum, another tactic that unreliable cleaning companies use is making spaces smell good, but they don’t clean. If you notice your office or facility smells clean but doesn’t look clean, it’s time to look for a new cleaning company to partner with.

Team Members Are Still Tidying Up

If you find out our team members are still tidying up spaces around the office or emptying the trash, it’s time to look elsewhere.

It’s inevitable for some in-house cleaning to be done, like sudden spills. Your team member should still be picking up after themselves, but if they are consistently doing tasks that your commercial cleaning team is meant to do, it’s time to find a new company to work with.

When team members are forced to clean, not only does it lower productivity and take them away from their pressing tasks, it causes frustration and damages morale.

Assets Are Getting Damaged

When surfaces suddenly become damaged or furniture has bleach spots on it, it’s likely that your cleaning company is not using the correct products or their team doesn’t know how to clean every surface properly.

For whatever reason — whether they were careless or didn’t know the proper way to clean — when your assets get damaged, it’s time to find a replacement cleaning company.

When vetting a new commercial cleaning company, make sure to ask about their hiring processes to ensure each employee has the proper training to clean your facility without causing damage. You’re also welcome to ask to see their safety data sheets (SDS). Having an SDS is a government regulation that details every chemical a cleaning company brings into your building.

People Are Calling Out Sick More Often Than Normal

If you notice an influx of people on your team calling out for sick days, it could be due to an unclean work environment.

A commonly overlooked cleaning task in office buildings and work environments is checking the air quality. Bad air quality can lead to Sick Building Syndrome, which essentially means your building is making the people who spend time in it sick. Inadequate ventilation, chemical contaminants inside or outside the building, and dirty air vents and HVAC systems can lead to Sick Building Syndrome.

Breathing in poor indoor air quality can result in an itchy nose, irritated eyes, fatigue, and a sore throat. Even worse, it has been seen to have long-term effects like heart and respiratory disease and cancer.

A professional cleaning company should be assessing your air quality and limiting the spread of germs. If yours is not, it’s time to find a new cleaning company to work with.

Time To Find the Right Commercial Cleaning Company for You

Knowing when to look for or hire a new commercial cleaning company can be an easy decision. If your current cleaning company is leaving dirt behind, making your employees clean up, damaging your assets, or team members are calling out more often than usual, it’s likely time to look for a new commercial cleaning partner.

Stop wasting money on a cleaning service you’re not satisfied with; instead, hire a new commercial cleaning company to meet your needs.