When to Use Whiteboard Animation Videos in Your Business


The use of whiteboard animation videos in business marketing is on the rise. By using this approach, businesses are able to generate not only more views, but also higher engagement. Moreover, the presentation makes the content easy to understand and thus can be used for conveying complex information. Another benefit of this approach is that it has a good impact as the captivating images are likely to stick in the viewers’ mind for the long term.

Below are some ideas on when and how you can use these videos to convey messages to your customers.

Illustrate Your Product and Service

The most common application of whiteboard animation videos is to showcase your products or services. The illustrations make it easy for someone who has never used your product to understand what it does or how it works. It is also a useful strategy for explaining the use of complicated concepts, especially regarding software and systems. Many people tend to keep off complicated concepts, and thus simplifying and making it more fun can be a way of encouraging others to look into your products or services.

User Retention on Websites

Embedding some videos on your website can encourage the visitor to stay longer. When you publish a blog or article, consider making a short article summary animation video and embedding it on the page. The video can reduce the bounce rate and encourage the visitor to read the entire article and take action. Additionally, when visitors stay longer on your page, Google gets a positive signal, and this boosts your search engine rankings.

Website Homepage

You can use an animation video on your website homepage to give your visitors a better understating of what you do. It is a perfect illustration to tell your brand story in a way that is easy to understand even for people who are not familiar with your business.

How to Videos

Animation whiteboards also work great when it comes to how-to videos. You can use them to show and explain the steps taken to accomplish something. It can be applied both when educating your employees as well as sharing useful information with your customers and prospects.

When You Need an Urgent Video

Animation videos are a life saver when you need an urgent presentation but don’t have the time to shoot a conventional video. While a conventional video has its benefits, it needs lots of preparation to produce and edit. You need to look for characters, choose a scene, make scripts, rehearse, shoot and edit.

When You Are on a Limited Budget

In addition to taking less time, whiteboard videos are cost effective to produce. Whiteboard animation video pricing will differ depending on the software or service provider. You can compare the different prices and rates and choose one that is within your budget.

Info Motion Graphics

Infographics allow businesses to present information and data in a graphic that is easy to understand. Info motion graphics are similar to infographics but are presented in the form of a video with audio. They can be created as whiteboard videos. You should use a blend of both in your campaigns.

When using animation videos, always remember that quality counts. Just like any other form of content, its ability to pass the message and drive conversions will depend on how well it is designed. Thus, ensure you choose the right software and professional services.