When You Are Entitled For The Workers Compensation According To Law


It is rather important for you to be an employee of the firm with workers’ compensation insurance, if you want to be entitled for the privileges coming with it. Furthermore, it is mandatory that you get injured while at work or as result of some job based duties. Otherwise, the workers compensation might not work for you. Just to be eligible for this form of compensation benefits, which are also called workman’s compensation sometimes, there are mainly two basic requirements for you to follow as mentioned above. Try to look at these options in details to learn the values involved with it.

You need to be an employee for the workers’ compensation purposes:

Only major employees are entitled to receive the proper workers’ compensation benefits. It really does not matter whether you are a part time employee or a seasonal one. You can still get hold of the benefits involved with Bronx NYC workers compensation now. Most of the time, you do not have to be employed for a period of time before claiming for the workers’ compensation benefits.

  • In case, you are an independent contractor on the other hand, or consultant or freelancer, then you are not eligible for the workers’ compensation benefits.
  • If you are actually working for hours for the employer, then under close direction of the employer or if you work at the place of business of the employer, you are likely to be a proper employee or an independent contractor.
  • In case, you are under the line of temporary worker or a casual worker, whether you are mostly covered by the compensation, will solely depend on whether you are technically an employee or any independent contractor.
  • If you are playing the role of a sales person, you can be an independent employee or contractor, based on how much independent you are from employer. If the employer is withholding taxes from pay then he is treating you like an employee.
  • In case, the employer tries to treat you as independent contractor to deny the benefits of workers’ compensation and still you think yourself to be an employee technically, you can consider calling an attorney for help.

Always remember that volunteers are mostly not covered by the compensation based insurance policies. Even though some of the firms might opt to cover the volunteers with such insurance coverage, but if you are injured while performing the volunteering job, it is likely that you are covered by the workers’ compensation.

About the illness coverage by the compensation:

Almost any form of illness or injury will qualify under the workers’ compensation as long that remains job related in nature. You can easily get injured in any accident on job and then the company owner has to take care of you and the medical condition that you suffer from. From any kind of monetary help to cover medical bills to some of the loss of pay help it is mandatory for the companies to cover it all.