Where Do Expat Kids Study When Abroad?


If you are seriously thinking about taking that overseas posting in Thailand and have been given the green light to bring your family, your first thought will be your child’s education; will it suffer? You’ll be pleased to learn that international schools are alive and well and provide the UK National Curriculum through early years to Year 12.

International Schools

Initially set up to cater for the children of foreign diplomats, who came with their father on a diplomatic posting that usually lasted for 3 years, the international school recruited UK teachers to deliver the UK National Curriculum. This enables a child to continue a structured education when living in a foreign country and the international school is also popular among the local population. One of the most successful international schools in Bangkok, https://www.standrewssathorn.com/ has an excellent academic reputation, providing a top-quality education.

Generous Foreign Posting Package

To entice a key manager to uproot his (or her) family, the employer offers a very attractive relocation package that would include the following:

  • Accommodation – Usually fully furnished. Utilities are sometimes included. Some employers actually source a rental property, while others give you a monthly allowance that would be adequate for a top-rated property in a gated community.
  • School fees – This is a big benefit as international schools are at the top end of the term fee table.
  • Company car – This might include a local driver.
  • House maid – This is an optional thing that might be offered to upper management.
  • Full health insurance – This would cover you and your family for the duration of the posting.

Major Benefits for Students

There are numerous positive aspects to living and studying in a foreign country; your child will interact with people of other cultures and will develop a deep understanding of what culture is and how different cultures reflect different beliefs and customs, something we all need to accept. Your child will be learning with kids from the US, European and Scandinavian backgrounds, which really does broaden their horizon. If a child spends 3 years in a country like Thailand, for example, they would be reasonably fluent in Thai when the posting is over and that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their life. A few postings and your child can speak half a dozen languages, a very valuable set of skills for anyone to possess. Click here for tips on living the entrepreneurial lifestyle, which is a very nice way to enjoy success.

Uninterrupted Education

If, for example, a child just about to finish Year 5, would start the next term in Year 6, following the same curriculum as at home, with UK native teachers. There are international schools in most countries and they all follow either the American or British National Curriculum, so your child’s education will continue as normal, but with the added benefits that a foreign posting brings.

If you take the offer for the foreign posting, one thing’s for sure; your child’s education will not suffer in the slightest, thanks to the international school system.