Where would the ideal business trip be held?


Business trips can be tiring, as most of the time it will involve flying or travelling by some other means to a far off country, having the meeting or event, and then simply flying back again. While some people may be envious of this, business professionals who have to do this regularly often see this as less than ideal. However, when business trips can last longer than just the one meeting, there are a number of ideal locations that professionals are likely to choose if they could. Here, we’ve put together a list of where the ideal business trip would be held.

Las Vegas

One of the most popular locations around the world for business trips is Las Vegas. Not only is this because of the casinos and the flashy lights and sounds, but also because of the glamour and sophistication of some of the hotels where many of the business events will be carried out. Whether your business meeting in Las Vegas is held in the Convention Centre, or in one of the many hotels that you can find along the Strip, Las Vegas really is the perfect place to be professional during the day, and continue to build relationships over the night period. Of course, there is a certain level of professionalism that should be maintained throughout the trip, even if you are in Sin City, but that doesn’t mean that this business trip location cannot be enjoyed to the full. You never know, if you take the time to study and learn the way the different games can be played such as with the help of a roulette betting system, you may be able to capitalise on your time there, and fly back home with more money than you left with.


If you’re looking for a business trip that you can combine business with local culture, then Singapore is one of the best locations. It was named as one of the best business city in the world at the Business Traveller Asia-Pacific Travel Awards 2016, and as a hugely up and coming market in a number of industry sectors, there is a chance that Singapore really could be on your list of business travel destinations. One thing to keep in mind is that when doing business in Singapore, punctuality is essential and it is considered an insult to keep a Singaporean business executive waiting.


India is a country at the top of the Global Business Travel Awards’ list, and its business sector has grown considerably over the past 20 years. By 2050, it is expected that India’s economy will draw equal to the United States, so it is highly likely that this will be a destination for business meetings over the next few years, in a number of industries. This provides a highly untapped market, and ultimately produces a number of new business connections. Language is not a barrier in India when doing business, but it is important to consider the cultural norms in the country so as to not cause offence. With a hierarchical society for example, professional titles and formal titles are appreciated, and you should wait to be invited before using a first name.