Which Storage Solution is Best For a Small Business?



A small business often faces a plethora of challenges, not only in its first year after creation, but also after that. Space is usually at a premium, and large premises are not often accessible to smaller organisations, due to the high cost of rent. For that reason, many small businesses look towards storage solutions, to solve that very problem.


Of course, a business of any size can find a large amount of benefit from ensuring they have a decluttering session every now and then, in order to streamline their day to day business endeavours. The problem arises however, when the business in question doesn’t really understand storage solutions that much, and they can often make the wrong choice as a result.


Basically, it all comes down to what you need to store, how long you need to store it for, your budget, and whether anything is fragile or likely to be damaged by climatic conditions.


Storage facilities are ten a penny these days, so you won’t struggle to find somewhere regardless of where you are located. The USA is full of such places, because the demand for storage has boomed to such a large degree. Simply head online and find the best choice for you. For instance, if you live in the Denver area, simply search for ‘self storage Denver’ and check out the huge choice, which will fill your screen. From there, you need to whittle down your choices.


If you have items, which are likely to be damaged over time, e.g. wooden furniture which may warp or split if subjected to damp or cold condition, indoor storage is a great idea. This is climate controlled, which means that items are minimised in terms of the adverse conditions they are subjected to. Paintings, furniture, large amounts of paperwork, and anything, which is valuable or perishable, is best suited to this type of storage. Of course, this type is a little more expensive but when you weigh up the cost of the item versus fixing it, it is a good investment to make.


The other type you can look into is a more traditional version, e.g. outdoor storage. These are almost like garages, stand alone groups of small buildings, which are designed to store your things until you decide to move them. You will have a key for your particular storage set, and they will protect your things from damp and cold conditions, as well as extreme heat. They aren’t climate controlled, but for general items, this is a good option. This is also the cheaper type of the two.


Many businesses may consider spending money on storage to be a false investment, and something, which is a leak on resources. This isn’t true – if valuable items are left lying around, there is a larger chance of damage or theft, so storage is actually a saving grace in many ways. The key is to find the right type for your particular small business, and then find the price, which suits your budget.